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Self Septum Piercing

Body jewelry

so i’ve done my septum 3 times befor this, and going through scars really hurts so yeah lol, here it is =) enjoy

12 responses to “Self Septum Piercing”

  1. Gaaraeskew says:

    hey sexy u cute u can do my septum any day

  2. LanaSummerLoc says:

    ON THE LAST DAY! Local bands in washington are the shit(: I thought I was the last one who still listens to them!

  3. DitaVonMarilyn says:

    @xXbr0k3nxheartXx Ouchh ic ic lol srry its just cuz u kept skipping scenes so i thot it took liek hours 😛

  4. xXbr0k3nxheartXx says:

    @DitaVonMarilyn like five minutes cuz i was being stupid at first cuz going through scar tissue sucks lol

  5. DitaVonMarilyn says:

    Holy shit how long did it take just to get it through?? lmao

  6. SoffeSuicide says:

    this is so stupid

  7. ilovemusic123450 says:

    @xXbr0k3nxheartXx lol o ya im 15 but ya i already have a tattoo a ghetto one lol but ya

  8. xXbr0k3nxheartXx says:

    @ilovemusic123450 well my mom is very old style, and im still 14 so yeah , lol, other than her being over protective of me, letting me have no freedom, and not letting me have many piercings… she’s pretty kool

  9. silentalien says:

    Great job. Beauty must suffer. Enjoy the pain.

  10. ilovemusic123450 says:

    @xXbr0k3nxheartXx o that sux lol my mom doesnt care about what i get lol

  11. xXbr0k3nxheartXx says:

    @ilovemusic123450 my mom found out i had it pierced, and she doesnt like me having any piercings except for my smiley piercing… but i’ve done it quite a few times lol

  12. ilovemusic123450 says:

    im just wongering but if u had it b4 then y did u take it out

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