Body jewelry

Matt and his first Piercing

Body jewelry

It took use ages to find a reputable place to get a piercing. Poor Matt is afraid of needles, Im not sure if he ever notices it going in?

25 responses to “Matt and his first Piercing”

  1. rakapaakku says:

    Wow, he looks a bit nervous.

  2. Ashkeysan says:

    May you find a non fictitious hero in your future.

    When did you meet Matt?

  3. ReyWaffles says:

    When you meet your heroes in the real life you know why i did that

  4. Ashkeysan says:

    Ouch, I feel sorry for the poor Matt. Such a cruel comment LOL

  5. grey790 says:

    woah i never knew that matt had his first piercing

  6. xXJessWorldXx says:

    You deserve it.

  7. wallycube says:

    yes its me.. the voice teh character the me

  8. wallycube says:

    cos i dont live with tom and eddd was busy

  9. wallycube says:

    why thankyou 😀

  10. FinnyMA says:

    The funny thing is that now that Edd has commented on this video, that’s all that anyone is commenting about.

  11. SuperShoplifter says:

    FAN CLUB alert run edd run just theirs one quest i have to ask will you sighn my channel jk but why would edd be watching piercing videos hmmmm very supicioue or how wever you say it

  12. armymadguy says:

    is it the same matt as the one from edds world not the actuall character the voice

  13. iggypop60 says:

    Hey Edd, you should make the next flash with MAtt’s new piercing. 😉

    You guys are awesome!

  14. SteelPokemonFan says:

    The comments start at 6 hours ago, but this video has been up for nearly a month!

  15. ReyWaffles says:

    He is mat?
    Ofuck i prefer him in the animation he is cool but he is more cool in the videos 🙁

  16. brandon123g2 says:

    rofl he makes it look painless.

  17. xXJessWorldXx says:

    Matt is handsome…better than the cartoon

  18. obijord says:

    EDD, TOM why werent you guys there?!

  19. Ashkeysan says:

    Im kind of freaked that an Eddsworld fan commented… But yes it is him in the flesh.

  20. thatzanderguy says:

    wow, they have a video with 3 views

  21. WierdBoyFusion123 says:

    is that the same matt from edds world?

  22. sasuke1145 says:

    yeah your right

  23. Ziece4 says:

    i dont think it’s unknown to him

  24. sasuke1145 says:

    woah a youtube partner commenting on such an unknown video?

  25. eddsworld says:

    ‘ Im not sure if he ever notices it going in? ‘


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