Body jewelry

Spiderbites piercing.

Body jewelry

me getting spiderbites basically. add me on facebook. Chase McKenna

18 responses to “Spiderbites piercing.”

  1. ivyndee91 says:

    once agian ur rlly hot lol && i loe ur hat

  2. animalboy64 says:

    if u named ur channel after christofer drews band.. i love them! 😀

  3. kierah14 says:

    i got mine done too lol, well only one lip ring haha.
    i couldnt imagine the swelling and pain of spiderbites.
    i added you on facebook (:

  4. eatmewhileimhottttt says:

    1234cynthiad yeah it was hahaha.

  5. 1234cynthiad says:

    was it halloween?? ears and a tail??

  6. DinoninjasxDinoraurs says:

    The Devil Wears Prada

  7. eatmewhileimhottttt says:

    @lifeoftheparty323 I spelled your name wrong the first try my bad

  8. eatmewhileimhottttt says:

    @dulce072193 yeah I am

  9. eatmewhileimhottttt says:

    @lifeodtheparty323 thanks. Haha

  10. LifeOfTheParty323 says:

    You’re cute

  11. LofteyyShoutsLeave says:

    chyeahh :L bet youu never seen one though have you ;]

  12. Dulce072193 says:

    Are you wearing a The Devil Wears Prada shirt ?

  13. eatmewhileimhottttt says:

    @lofteyyshoutsleave , I’m a cunt? Sweeet

  14. LofteyyShoutsLeave says:

    and your a cunt 🙂

  15. eatmewhileimhottttt says:

    i wasnt scared it was my second one so i new what was coming lol but i do look wierd now that you say that oh well this is an old vid haha

  16. abbybubbley says:

    lol u look kinda scared

  17. hannischforever says:

    interesting thanks 🙂

  18. 7ren7rud7 says:

    looks good. (:

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