Body jewelry

4th lip piercing (:

Body jewelry

i was bored so i pierced my lip again for the 4th time haha im sooo weird (:

5 responses to “4th lip piercing (:”

  1. cupcakelauraa says:

    This one actually looks good Sammi 🙂

  2. Foshizzii says:

    haha u are weird hahaha plus u pierced my web hahaha and u messed up doing 😛 hahah but strill love yeh lmao u shuld have shown u pirceing it

  3. sauron517 says:

    Do you have your ears stretched?

  4. samantha5006 says:

    @Antihero090482 haha aww thanks

  5. Antihero090482 says:

    you’re gorgeous, don’t fuss about your hair. Love the closeups 😉

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