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Charlie Rangel on Healthcare

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Charlie Rangel says that Jan Helfeld’s “piercing questions” on health care are going to send him to the doctor.

25 responses to “Charlie Rangel on Healthcare”

  1. SSgtParmer says:

    @EchoTwoBravo Wow, I have the exact same opinion of right wingers and especially Bush Co. I find it interesting that we could have identical views but of opposite political orientations. Corrupt and greedy = republicans.

  2. WurledPeas says:

    One of the other benefits the congresscritters have is they won’t be subjected to any of the bullshit this health care ponzi inflicts on the rest of us being they are exempt from it.

  3. bullpcp says:

    WTF!! Heifeld just answer the question. If health care is paid for by insurance companies you don’t pay attention to price. If you don’t pay attention to prices the provider always pay whatever the insurance company is willing to pay. Since the price is essentially set this removes incentives to innovate and become more efficient to lower the price. The pricing mechanism is necessary for a properly functioning free market system removal of it has horrific unintended consequences.

  4. CityDC says:

    You’re right Charlie. There might be people who will see Dr’s or nurses for treatment they don’t need. Probably more than you know. But that wasn’t the question. He was asking about providers who would bill the government for treatments conducted that the patient doesn’t need. You’re the one who changed the subject to the patient seeking health care they don’t need, which you also admitted would happen.

  5. specblend77 says:

    Charles Rangel is guilty in the cover up of murdered NYC Police Officer Philip Cardillo on April 14, 1972 at the Harlem Mosque.

    Anyone unfamiliar with this event I urge you to research it yourself, please.

    The fact that this human piece of waste holds a position as an elected official is extremely troubling at the least….

  6. insightllc says:

    @jcompt666 Charles B. Rangel (D-NY) — is a member of the Trilateral Commission and knows 33rd degree secret is the 1899 Alaska Earthquake – British Association record No. 333, at Shide. Isle of Wight on September 3 at three o’ three.

  7. TeddyLeper says:

    Hilarious. Rangel seemed like a good sport.

  8. GordonMorrice says:

    People love free stuff. They’ll take as much of that free stuff as they can get.

  9. slickfists says:

    Jan, I believe in you.

  10. danoftherepublic says:

    Jan should have a national news interview show. Goodbye Charlie Rose, or david gregory etceter

  11. hyylo says:

    Charlie Rangel is a cunt.

    fat shit.

  12. tiparker119 says:

    Another Mental ill person on the Hill…!!!

  13. gfwFLA says:

    Rangel has a long history of corruption… Neglecting to pay taxes is minor compared to the dirty dealings this one sided career politician has been involved with. I wonder if he is part of the Lois Farrrakhan regime.

  14. jd426999 says:

    :36 ” i will concede to you, there are some very mentally ILL people who will try to RIP OFF THE FEDERAL GOVT…”
    I guess that INCLUDED YOU CHUCKIE, you TAX CHEATING Coo Coo…..
    amazing what u will hear people say, when you listen closely.

  15. kosmickosmo says:

    i love the fact that we have another piece of garbage senator that cheated on his taxes , and recieved kick backs but he will never be charged with it , and he knows it , the worst that will happen is he loses his seat he still keeps his money ,and he is not the only one but pelosi and the others just stand right beside him and expect us to just except it what really pisses me off is that the irs would come after me if i or you owed 100 i say vote them all out and start over dems and rep.

  16. leycyp says:

    Check out Rev. Michel Faulkner for Congress.

  17. joe94132 says:

    Corrupt piece of sh!t!

  18. mike66002000 says:

    freakin crook should be put in jail for tax evasion and his assets taken to pay us back for his fraudulent office .

  19. 040895 says:

    The black dracula shall go to jail! Lets cross our fingers…

  20. Idefaulttofreedom says:

    Tax Cheat.

  21. HawksFan8496 says:

    Rangel is one of the most racist people i’ve ever heard of.

    “Whites just can’t belive that there is a black man in office”
    -Charlie Rangel
    What a coward, hiding behind that race card just so he can bash conservitives

  22. pwnurnoobazz says:

    Although I think he’s a scumbag and a tax cheat, I admit Rangel is kinda funny.

  23. Demama777 says:

    He did not pay his taxes, right ?

  24. sywars1 says:

    powned? How childish. No, unfortunately, he did not.

  25. missyinal says:

    This administration does have the largest collection of bizarre, lying, cheating, tax-evading politicians I’ve ever seen. How did they do that, is it part of the Obama adiminstration’s famous “vetting processs”?

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