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my second tongue piercing

Body jewelry

i don’t know why I drool’d and i dont like needle’s thats why that weird face : D

12 responses to “my second tongue piercing”

  1. hannamuska says:

    @cooki3crumble it should of been, but i played with it alot and i didnt wash my mouth with seasaltwater… exactly 😉 no problem : )

  2. cooki3crumble says:

    @hannamuska ohh woow 3-4 months later shoudnt it be fully healed?? and yoiu took out the second one but still kept the first one in right??and thnx for responding 😉

  3. hannamuska says:

    @cooki3crumble less than a week, then it didn’t hurt anymore, but it never was fully healed, i had to take it off 3-4 months later(it took less than hour when i couldnt put bar through). it hurt when i tried to put one ring through both piercings.

  4. cooki3crumble says:

    @hannamuska hii since u said it didnt deal for long time can you give me a rough time line.. how long exactally did it take to fully heal??

  5. hannamuska says:

    i’m at special place where they do piercings

  6. cashmerekc says:

    y r yu at a hospital and do they do piercing there

  7. hannamuska says:

    i just haven’t got time to buy second metal pair of metal balls, but i think that when i find a little ring enough i’ll but it in both holes. but piercer lady did second piercing too close to first one so maybe ill make new piercing, idk ill figure out smth : D
    i though about third one, but idk … maybe venoms . i had smiley too, but i took it off, cause i thought i’m gonna transform to metal mouth : D

  8. lindsaybabe11 says:

    aw thats brill that the second one was mush easier to get used to.
    And do you have the plastic balls on the bottom to stop you biting your teeth on them is it? And are you gonna downsize to shorter bars soon dyu think?
    Oh and dyu think you would ever manage to fit in a third one?

  9. hannamuska says:

    i get used to second a lot faster that first one .
    both are 18mm, at the top are metal balls and at the bottom are blue luminous balls.

  10. lindsaybabe11 says:

    ah ok i know what u mean – so really just like it was getting used to having the first one yeah??
    and have you changed them both back down to short bars again now?

  11. hannamuska says:

    hey : )
    i forgot to heal it (my bad) so it didnt’t heal for long time. but now all is ok . it wasawkward at the beginning , but now it’s awkward to me if it isn’t there

  12. lindsaybabe11 says:

    hi there
    just wondering how the second piercing has been healing since you got it done? was it awkward getting used to having it there, having only had one for so long?

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