Body jewelry

side labret/lip piercing/ and my experience

Body jewelry

tips and personal story about my labret as well as some cautions and warnings that may help you out!

4 responses to “side labret/lip piercing/ and my experience”

  1. lazybumtot says:

    i don’t know about snakebites although many people insist that they will look good on me. for now i don’t have plans to get them since i already have quite a bit of piercings on me lol.

  2. ikasquiddy says:

    would you get snakebites? or like any other piercings? i think those would look cool, although a lot of people have em.

  3. lazybumtot says:


    thank you and i’m glad you like my vidoes!! i’m still working on the microphone issue. sorry please bear with me tho!

  4. twiinkless says:

    your so pretty (: love your videos
    but the microphone is too low ):

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