Body jewelry

Implant microdermal de Trinity chez Steve piercing

Body jewelry

Et bien voila, hier, samedi 12 avril 2008, Trinity a été se faire implanter …

25 responses to “Implant microdermal de Trinity chez Steve piercing”

  1. RxManiiie says:

    Magnifique !

  2. helloreenee says:

    @MydniteDaun Appropriate body jewelry is non-magnetic, and as such does not need to be removed for MRI procedures.

  3. scotty10211 says:

    @MydniteDaun thanks

  4. MydniteDaun says:

    @scotty10211 It’s actually kind of dangerous for people who need constant MRI’s because it can’t really be taken out by you, it has to be taken out by a professional, and possibly repierced, if you so choose.

  5. scotty10211 says:

    i want to get that now but i wonder can it do anything to you health people plz reply with answers

  6. Karodu74 says:

    aiiie jai mal pour elle

  7. SilentAssailant says:

    Yeah, no this isn’t a skin diver.

  8. boogiemandii says:

    i have a skin diver in my chest and it was twisted in. idk lol

  9. SilentAssailant says:

    What tool is poor to use? The forceps? The punch is the ONLY tool you wanna use to do one of these other than the forceps. But the forceps were made to hold the whole microdermal, footing and top. IDK what exactly he was trying to do. It worked never the less though. I use a 2mm dermal punch and Kelley Grip Forceps.

  10. SilentAssailant says:

    You can’t change the head of a skin diver, and you can see him screwing the head on.

  11. boogiemandii says:

    the way he did it looks more like a skin diver to me

  12. xkidd092 says:

    this guy was rough. Seriously, i got the same microdermals and it was soooo painless. Mind you, the piercer who did mine hadtons of experience (with microdermals). hurt less then my belly button!

  13. jassy2k9 says:

    why is he being so rough D:

  14. Pro1iFiK says:

    very poor tool to use in the first place

  15. Ggroves89 says:

    Wow! Yet again, another WRONG way to do an anchor.. If you get it done the RIGHT way, it doesn’t hurt that bad. I have 3 so far and am getting 8 more from Tori Lane at Demented Needle in Moible, AL.

  16. theconcieted1 says:

    did he like put a screw underneath the skin first….reply to this

  17. chodaboy2 says:

    ça se visse pas a l’implantation , c’est pas un piercing mais un implant. le bijou est deja visser sur la base a implanter et est pris dans la pince ( sinon essai de mettre l embase a implanter sans bijou lol)

  18. my213X says:

    il visse le bijoux tout simplement x)

  19. angel53925 says:

    i love piercings and was really concidering 2 lil gems but now i think i’m thinking twice about it.
    very, very cute, though!!

  20. Jordy8294 says:

    Soo sooo very cute! How was it healing?

  21. minx702 says:

    super cute! and original. 😀

  22. famousfall says:

    le truc qu’il a viser ces le bijoux il a rentré l’implant en premier et a viser la tite bouboule par dessu

  23. chodaboy2 says:

    la biopsie est un peu longue, par contre je n ai pas compris ce que tu faisai sur la fin a visser un truc 😮

  24. frenchgyaru says:

    ca me rassure pour mon futur MD c precis et rapide tu l’a fais chez kel pierceur?

  25. Amethystattoo says:

    rapide et précis, c’est bien ^^

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