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3.Teil Deep Metal Piercing Studio Portraet von RTL2

Body jewelry

Deep Metal Piercing Studio Portraet von RTL2 In diesem Teil: das Einsetzen des Implants bei Rolf, der meistgepiercte Mann Deutschlands im Alltag und in der Öffentlichkeit und mehr Company portrait of Deep Metal Piercing Studio; Part 3 In this Part: Rolf get the Implant on his Hand; the daily routine of the most pierced german Man. The general public and their behavior when they see him.

25 responses to “3.Teil Deep Metal Piercing Studio Portraet von RTL2”

  1. jcodym13 says:

    @needledoktor lmfao i thought to myself “imagine how bad it is to shave” and then it showed him shaving

  2. needledoktor says:

    @crazycool2334: Piercings aren’t painful, you are wrong.

  3. crazycool2334 says:

    @Polfuropsy art is not pain hes ugly

  4. needledoktor says:

    @Polfuropsy: Yes, you get it 🙂

  5. mastalp01 says:

    @Polfuropsy are you serious? lmao, art is ok but being “art” is not necessary,

  6. prouddreadhead says:

    mit dem anzug sieht das wirklich cool aus 🙂

  7. ottobajs1 says:

    dude this is wrong ok with one pircing nut like one mil its scary

  8. sevinelsie says:

    Hey people with your negative comments…I wouldn’t mind dating him cause i’m a fan of piercings and I find him still very attractive 😉

  9. sevinelsie says:

    OMG that implant was scary and he didn’t even bleed or make a face, and i love the piercings..WOW!

  10. optikon1 says:

    hey look hes badazzeled

  11. DizzyDerwish says:

    Well, well.
    I’m gonna drop my teaching job and get some of that metal in my face and never judge a book by its cover again.

  12. tecktonikgirl1213 says:

    is that man crazy lol!

  13. needledoktor says:

    @DizzyDerwish: he is already employed and has a very good job as a chief engineer, and they will not kick him out because he is necessary

  14. DizzyDerwish says:

    Dude, I can’t understand what you’re saying, but the message is clear:
    “Don’t hire me.”

  15. LRMaylott says:

    whats it like to eat???

  16. ATVracerATV says:

    @prettylittlepeach I think that nobody want that guy for flirt

  17. prettylittlepeach says:

    how does he even kiss his girlfriend? lol

  18. needledoktor says:

    @Gamerdudeeee: Cleaning up a piercing should not hurt in any way, maybe a little pain if the piercing is new, but there has to be no pain in a healed piercing!!!

    He clean them while taking a shower – that’s the easy way t ocleam them all 🙂

  19. Gamerdudeeee says:

    how does he clean all those piercings, i had 2 piercings in my eyebrow and it was a pain in the ass to wash them, and look at him:O!

  20. nfscforlife says:

    He is fucked up himself.
    But it is not my problem.

  21. Polfuropsy says:

    People, please don’t look at this man as a monster or a freak. Look at him as a work of art.

  22. needledoktor says:

    @KRSunstreet: a only one and a half week old tongue piercing tend to make a bad smell because it is new and a swollen tongue does’nt can be so clean as normal, that will change by itself when it is completely healed.

    later, after the healing period, one should remove it maybe once a week or month to clean up the complete barbell including the screws…

  23. KRSunstreet says:

    @needledoktor, it doesnt smell when its just in, + cleaning it more will be hard, since i brush twice a day and use mouth rinse 🙂 and i am not ‘allowed’ to take it out yet since i only had it for one and a half week

  24. needledoktor says:

    @KRSunstreet: if your tongue piercing smells, you should clean it more often. That has nothing to do with the material, only with hygienic things – because saliva goes everywhere, even into the screws…

    But if your streched earlobe smells, high quality jewelry made of horn, bone oder wood will prevent smelling up to 98% 🙂

  25. KRSunstreet says:

    i have a q, you say there will be no smell in piercings if you choose right material; which material should you choose for tongue piercing and for the ears? right now i have surgical steel in tongue, and it doesnt smell really, but if you unscrew the top ball and smell it it sorta smells like, well like bad breath sorta, dono how to explain it, will that smell be there no matter what or just cause of the material?

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