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Nasal Piercing

Body jewelry

Getting nosed pierced Casa Grande – Aces and 8’s

4 responses to “Nasal Piercing”

  1. shaele says:

    lol. It wasn’t that bad for me I really wanted it. But no this was at Aces and Eights tattoo shop in Casa Grande, Arizona.

  2. MFelix1996 says:

    omg that’s Travis from atomic tattoos I was just their on Sunday he did my nose piercing too. I was bleeding though and my little sister was with me so she was freaking out lol but this is my second day having it i cant wait until i can change it. your so brave i was a big baby and had my mom hold my hands so i wouldn’t move and get hurt.

  3. shaele says:

    no it did not.

  4. RawaaLebanese says:

    did that hurt :S

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