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Venom Piercing Part 2

Body jewelry

It Took Awhile For Him To Finish Cause My Tongue Was Being a Tard. So Yea Here’s The Ending :3

6 responses to “Venom Piercing Part 2”

  1. crackerify says:

    hahahahaha ur mom in the backround hahaha

  2. PregnantWhaleOnE says:

    @ambasaurus unable to work because of the swelling I mean 🙁

  3. ambasaurus says:


    They’re Not Crooked. They Were Hitting My Teeth And Yea It Was Swelling Already So That’s Why They Looked That Way. I’ll Make An Update As Soon As They’re Fully Healed. There’s Ways To Hide Piercings. There’s Such Things As Clear Bars That You Can Put In AFTER They’re Healed. But A Job Shouldn’t Prevent You From Having You Tongue Pierced, People Can Hardly See Them.

  4. PregnantWhaleOnE says:

    they look a bit crooked , is it because of the swelling was already getting in your tongue ?

    I would LOVE to see update on your piercing :). I really love venom and im thinking about getting them since 2 years… but now i have a job and i dont want to be unable to work :/

  5. in0wh3r3ul1v3 says:

    venoms are so fucking sickkkkk

  6. xFallenAngeLx666 says:

    hehehe your mum looks happy =P

    They look awesome =D Love ya hair =)

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