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Lingual Frenulum (Tongue Web) Piercing

Body jewelry

Sooo… I got my tongue frenulum pierced! ^__^ Thanks Josh for the great piercing experience! It was only $63 (which is worth it for a qualitypiercing) at Holy Mother Tattoos!

7 responses to “Lingual Frenulum (Tongue Web) Piercing”

  1. ppforlife says:

    you mean, you look even better than this? whooaaaaaaa

  2. paigebuddy2343 says:

    @brittanib8 LOL not really bc we’re still keeping in touch via YouTube….It’s all good chica! ^__^

  3. brittanib8 says:

    aww cute! Congrats chica. Its not nearly as scary as Google Images had made me think orginally ^_^ jk. Dude I’m mad the first time I saw your piercing and you saw my hair cut was on YouTube. #SeriousFriendshipFail lol

  4. paigebuddy2343 says:

    @cerealwhat22 You’re soo sweet to say that!! ^___^ Just made my day!
    I use Clearasil Oil-Free facial cleanser followed by a light astringent and Aveeno soybean moisturizer. I hope that helps! ^__~

  5. paigebuddy2343 says:

    @PrometheanFlame Aww you’re too sweet!! It really didn’t hurt that bad..but if I’m being honest I have a slightly higher tolerance for pain. BUT my friend who got her actual tongue pierced said the tongue web didn’t hurt as much. There’s not a lot of nerves down there lol…..

  6. PrometheanFlame says:

    Lol, define “hot mess” darling. Cause I don’t see a hot mess. You look very refreshed. Glowing skin, nice hair. Beautiful, to express it in just one word. 🙂 Oh, but I wonder if that hurt . . . You say it’s painless, but I’m still apprehensive to get any tongue piercings.

  7. cerealwhat22 says:

    ur so pretty 🙁 so jealous haha, u have perfect teeth too!! what skincare do u use? ur skin is like so clear and glowy

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