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Mark Kermode reviews Iron Man – BBC Radio 5 Live

Body jewelry The good Doctor reviews the first blockbuster movie of the summer: “Iron Man”, starring Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeff Bridges. Prepare for amazing impressions. Get the podcast of all Mark’s reviews every week at

25 responses to “Mark Kermode reviews Iron Man – BBC Radio 5 Live”

  1. TheHalfTimeDodo says:

    @grievous1 so he was bulshitting when he said that the simpsons movie was better than tranformers

  2. TheHappydead says:

    the director doesnt do the special effects (the flying,the set pieces, the fights) well enough downey jnr is great but the iron man stuff (altho the suit looks amazing)never truly satisfys and thats the case in 1 and 2. Im all for witty banter but theyre needs to be good, exciting, cool action also.

  3. Dutyine says:

    check out my iron man 1 interview and Suscribe

  4. mmatycoonDOTcom says:

    Just watched it; disappointed. The characters were all well played, interesting, engaging but the storyline was so boring! I don’t get the point of action if you know what’s going to happen. A vs B fight. The goodie will always win so for me zero excitement in car chases, fights etc. You can extend that concept to this entire film. You know good guy will win and bad guy loses. Some will die. Some wont. SO getting to the end has to be imaginative. It was obvious, slow and contrived. Oh well 🙂

  5. DontTouchMyVicodin says:

    I think that because those big fights at the end of an action movie are sort of required now, the people involved try all the harder to make the characters who fight likeable, so that you care for them when they get beaten to bits.

  6. historywillabsolve says:

    spot on impressions

  7. grievous1 says:

    I hate this guy. He’s full of shit

  8. Devilnetworkorg says:

    I Expected to disagree and Rage @ Mark after this one, but i agree with nearly everything he said, The movie was great but the Final 20-25 minutes of fighting was shite. It was a special effects display, nothing more.

  9. Samplelord says:

    Maybe cuz IronMan is not about sacrifice…?
    Tony Stark was never an emotional driven hero, he like’s the fame that come’s with it…
    I find this movie refreshing amongst the list of angst ridden, emo, dark superhero movies.
    Just my 2 cents.

  10. jimijimi81 says:


  11. Magnolia296 says:

    Actually I loved Iron Man – great film with believable visual effects, many action scenes and decent acting but I can’t say this movie was masterpiece. It looked like mix of Robocop, Hulk, X-Men, Terminator 2 etc.
    Anyway Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow were great and so hot screen couple.

  12. stcolreplover says:

    i was crying when he did the gwyneth paltrow impression. i like his review. though i do think robert downey jr is a better actor than he says

  13. flappospammo says:

    gawd , that was funny

  14. skinwalkerxxx says:

    hahahaha! best review ever.

    And I liked the movie.

  15. ryanodamonkey says:

    To be honest Comic books were based upon action and story. You need action to hold up that story, one of my favourite films

  16. crazyrabbits says:

    Kermode’s comment about superhero films with deep character studies that fall apart at the end also holds true of Batman Begins. The last act was a ridiculous chase scene that featured comedic moments and unnecessary exposition sprinkled between a ridiculous plot to poison Gotham’s water supply with a runaway train. It didn’t negatively affect the movie in any way, but it is on par (in my view) with Iron Man’s ending. They were both big action setpieces that strayed from deep character studies.

  17. malt8291 says:

    i pissed my pants at his gweneth impression. it was spot on she is such a whiney actress

  18. DeckyStrikesBack says:

    mark kermodes a brilliant critic!

  19. dudethe2nd says:

    JEFF BRIDGES!!! lol.

  20. Regenmacher175 says:

    I cared more for The Dark Knight. That was an inteligent movie, not just a guy flying around and becoming even more “super” than he originally is. there is not that sacrifice that could be felt in Batman begins and the dark Knight.

  21. Apathesis0 says:

    Yeah it was pretty weak and lame. Hopefully the second movie will be brilliant, with lots of action. The first movie really made me want to fly, the same way the Rocketeer did.

  22. mellowman07 says:

    what a garbage review

  23. Deavi783 says:

    I agree with Kermode. I enjoyed Iron Man, but I didn’t care for the last fight.

  24. lowtone10 says:

    4:03 onwards ROTFLMAOOL X10

  25. oneworldfamily says:

    Ha ha!! Love his Gwyneth impression! Wasn’t expecting that!!

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