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Lip Piercing First Time

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18 responses to “Lip Piercing First Time”

  1. VE9REJ says:

    @Trayceg I will thanks New Vid should be up by am .Thanks Trayce .

  2. Trayceg says:

    Reg where is the new video??? I kinda get cranky when there isnt a new video…lol apparently my daughter knows Johnathan from school from before we moved she thinks I am lying when i said we are friends so in yer next video can you say hi to Kennedy Anne….lol

  3. VE9REJ says:

    @JeffN727 NO I didn’t know but im pretty sure i found the problem , Thanks for the Heads up .

  4. garyle1 says:

    @VE9REJ tell them to stop the video and give it time to load it would be better then those huge black borders but yeh good video keep them going.

  5. JeffN727 says:

    Ouch! That made me squeamish! That just looks so uncomfortable. Seems like it would get in the way of your food!

    Did you realize your video is blank for the last 5 minutes?

  6. VE9REJ says:

    @turnermedman1231 Not any more getting a lot of complaining abt it , what hapends is this , resolution is in the 1024 and up most viewers like watching in
    in standard 360 or 480 ,when I upload in hd it falls into the 720 – 1024 dpi and most will come back and say its cutting out ( its not ) its your download speed buffering the video .So to make everyone happy I now shoot in sc mode wich is a step below hd .
    Thanks Mickey .

  7. turnermedman1231 says:

    hate body piercing . freezing up this end to. do you use an HD camera reg?

  8. VE9REJ says:

    @mbyr31 Yup noticed it to myself just keep right clicking and fill up error reports and
    send it to YouTube .There working on it .Thanks for viewing .

  9. VE9REJ says:

    @Trayceg At first I had said no F (^%# ) way but then reviewed it with an open mind
    and its true ,he does well in school never get into any trouble has trusting friends
    and many girlfriends so I said well ok but I have to film this lol .Thanks Trayce .

  10. Trayceg says:

    You know I just let my daughter get her nose done a couple of weeks ago , even if you dont want them to do it sometimes you have to let them be who they want to be for awhile whether it is a hole in the face or crazy hair(which my daughter has too) ds or crazy clothes my girl does well in school and has friends and doesnt get into trouble so what the hell right the hair color fades and the holes can grow over lol and eventually they all grow up !! Great Job Reg….. good dad!

  11. blackmagik44 says:

    Piercings aren’t all that bad, I got 2 in me eyebrow since 1997. Hitting 30 years old here and they are still in there.

  12. mbyr31 says:

    Man, around here you just go to any mall and get that done!
    Great vid Reg, but for some reason, it kept freezing up on me. Another fine YT glitch!

  13. VE9REJ says:

    @kenpelletier Why !

  14. kenpelletier says:

    Ouch !!!! Reg you should get your nipples pierced…..

  15. oney135 says:

    @wolfsheadoil i thought he busted his lip from the description youtube didn’t let me see the damn vid till now my sister inlaw got her tonque pierced and said she didn’t feel it

  16. oney135 says:

    oh lip piercing youtube acted up on me and i didn’t get to see but parts of it i thought you busted it from the description lol

  17. VE9REJ says:

    @oney135 HUH did you watch the vid man or were you sleeping lol

  18. wolfsheadoil says:

    Ouch !

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