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Me Getting My Nose Pierced!!

Body jewelry

***PLEASE READ*** Okay, so my piercing is doing very well right now, but I definitely have had my difficulties with it. In the third week, my ring fell out. I tried to get it back in, but being a corkscrew, it seemed impossible. My mom bought me some L-Shaped ones from Wal-Mart, but I couldn’t get those in because at this point, the piercing was rather irritated. I tried a little music note stud, which was a straight post with a little ball on the end, but because my nose was swollen, it wouldn’t go through all the way. SO, what I did was take a backing off a dangly earring, (You know, the part that supports the jewel) and used pliers to make it into a hoop, and wore that overnight. The next day, I went to my fabulous piercer and she put it back in for me. About a month later, I got the flu. This meant I was using Kleenex’s alot, and that also irritated the piercing. I developed a bad bump behind the piercing, filled with pus and blood. So I went to a different piercer that is much closer to where I live (The other one is too unconvenient and I didn’t have a method of transportation to get there at that moment), and told them the situation. The lady there told me to, every night, take two Aspirin pills and crush them together with spoons, then add a few drops of water to make a paster. Then I would use a Q-Tip and apply it to the infected area and leave it on overnight. Then, when I cleaned it in the morning, I would clean it off. This method was VERY effective, and if

25 responses to “Me Getting My Nose Pierced!!”

  1. BrokennHeartedGurlXD says:


  2. Kittiez293 says:

    Aww, how old are you now? 🙁

  3. BrokennHeartedGurlXD says:

    i really want my nose pierced but my parents won’t let me till im 16 🙁

  4. Kittiez293 says:

    Yes I know, I loved her 🙂

  5. Kittiez293 says:

    No, it’s just a sharp pinch for about 10 seconds and then the pain goes away 🙂

  6. lindsea323 says:

    the lady who pierced it was reallly nice!!!!!!!

  7. xSingingCrazyx says:

    Hello, i’m 13 in a couple of months and i want to get my nose and belly button pierced, is it really painful having your nose dont?

  8. 3Dchocolat says:

    I got mine pierced too! It looks pretty on you! Mines just a little bit smaller than you’res …

  9. Kittiez293 says:

    Sure, as long as you want one, you’re responsible enough and your parents are fine with it, then I think it’s a good idea 🙂

  10. GraysonRocks12 says:

    for my 13th bday shud i get my nose peirced??

  11. Kittiez293 says:

    I’m 14 🙂

  12. cloey818 says:

    uhmm,, how old are you?

  13. Kittiez293 says:

    It’s basically a really really sharp pinch for like 10 seconds… if you watch in the video, you’ll see my face go from very tense to very relaxed – that’s how long the pain lasts 🙂

  14. Kittiez293 says:

    well i’m not 😉

  15. Pouchy17 says:

    wtf? you look like 8..

  16. Pouchy17 says:

    @Kittiez293 er, yea it is. lol

  17. hailiegirl100 says:

    What did it feel like?

  18. Kittiez293 says:

    well then. 14’s hardly young

  19. biebersmycupcake says:

    @Kittiez293 ……I’m 17 *silence*

  20. babygirlxo389 says:

    OMG i want her to pierce my nose shes awesome.

  21. Kittiez293 says:

    uMM, i was thirteen in the video, thanks 🙂
    i just turned 14 like, 3 weeks ago.

  22. EMOtristinlee says:

    im 15 and i cant get my nose peirced wtf!?

  23. omggrapesrgood says:

    i just got mine done by my mom yesterday my eye waterd and it was a small pinch i actually dont know how 2 kepp it clean tho lol but it doesnt hurt

  24. BROOKYhahaha says:

    @Kittiez293 uMM, you said you were thirteen..

  25. 33hgv44 says:

    Do you want to have more piercings? or did you do some new one until today?

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