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O Sacred Head Now Wounded – Fernando Ortega

Body jewelry

One of the song that shows the sacrificial suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ for the sake of mankind…

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  1. thaiacapepe says:

    so beautifullll

  2. sirach says:

    @Mekelsior hahaha… it’s funny because the Anglican Church has also killed many Catholics during its rain, and it was the Protestants who began the witch burnings. So as much as the Catholic Church has done some things, the Protestants have also done some things. I guess that leaves the Orthodox Church… 🙂

  3. moxeygirl430 says:

    This is absolutely beautiful. We’ll be singing it for the first time in church tomorrow and I have the honor of signing it for the Deaf.

  4. jesaintlouis says:

    a Christian is a Christian just be happy we all have found G-D in our lives

  5. kriccythequeen says:

    @huntingods-No one should be bashing religions for when Christ returns it will not be for a religion but for prepared people.People who have received Jesus as Lord savior & King ,Who acknowledges Almighty God as the one true God,who live lives pleasing holy & acceptable in His sight.The people you mentioned,popes they too have to stand before almighty God.If they did not live for God then,but if they did praise God.God is the only perfect one & we have to look to Him only through His son Jesus

  6. Mekelsior says:

    @huntinggods It is not that someone is bashing anyone, to speak the Truth does require courage and the Holy Spirit will lead anyone who seeks God to Truth in Doctrine and Conduct. It is known that the Catholic Church have persecuted millions of Christians on questions on Doctrines, on Truths that the Bible have always taught but have been supressed by the Church of Rome. Many Saints do exist within the church but the system has proven what it’s source is, that it is not of God.

  7. huntinggods says:

    How is it, that every time religion is mentioned, someone bashes the Catholic Church? morrij01 — what of St Augustine, St Ambrose, St Cyril of Jerusalem, St Athanasius, St Appollonius, St Cecilia, St Cyprian, St Veronica, St Justin Martyr? The last six died in the early 300s or earlier (St Justin Martyr lived in the 100s). This is just a very small number. What of the 29 popes before 305ad?

  8. Thrusce says:

    @morrij01 Thanks for your reply to my comment. This is a Catholic hymn.

  9. morrij01 says:

    @Thrusce As I have said before it’s not only the catholics, but also mormons and JW who deny the deity of Christ. Th problem is that they have salvation wrong. I’d say that some of what they beleive might be out of the Bible, but what they do, ceremonies and traditions, relics, etc. is not. At a starting point you must have salvation right, if not you’re leading people away from God and making them twice the children of hell (Matthew 23:15).

  10. Thrusce says:

    @morrij01 Come on, brother. Lay off the Catholics. I’d say 80% to 90% of what they believe is straight out of the Bible and exactly the same as what you and I believe. Sure, they have a few rough edges on their theology. Who doesn’t? I fellowship with Christians who believe in the Pre-Trib Rapture, or infant baptism, or that America is a Christian nation. Those things aren’t in the Bible either. So what? If there was a perfect church, we wouldn’t need each other.

  11. kokonz78 says:

    @RUSavedByGraceAlone Thank you for posting this. You must be reformed. Praise the Lord. Take care, Sis in Christ.

  12. kirui5 says:

    beautiful song. thanks for posting.

  13. morrij01 says:

    @bjosephg777 That’s no answer, by the way. It’s like a child pluging it hears and screaming over top to drown out what he doesn’t wanna hear. All I’m asking is where in the Bible is the catholic system from? There is no mention of the catholocism as seen today in the history of the true Church until the 4th century. How can you then say that it is the apostolic church?

  14. morrij01 says:

    @bjosephg777 Says who? Not the Bible, which says that Jesus is the head of the Church (Matthew 16:18, Ephesians 5:23, Ephesians 1:22, Ephesians 4:15) and that salvation comes by faith alone (Romans 3:22-31, 4), from garce alone (Romans 3:24) through Jesus-Christ alone (Acts 4:12, Romans 3:24, 1 Timothy 2:5). The headship of Christ, which the catholics have killed countless people for, is enough in itself to bring down the whole roman system that says that the pope is head of the church.

  15. bjosephg777 says:

    @morrij01 Praise be Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour and the one holy and apostolic Catholic Church!

  16. morrij01 says:

    @bjosephg777 You don’t need a doctorate to read. A simple reading of the Bible will tell that catholicism has nothing to do with what is written. You can attack me all you want I don`t really care, but while you do that you’re not giving a Biblical defence of the roman system. The simple fact thatcatholicism is so large goes agaisnt the statement that Jesus said that those finding the way would be few. Are you assured of salvation? Is there is one thing I know of catholicism is that you can’t.

  17. bjosephg777 says:

    @morrij01 I will not engage in a long ridiculous debate with somebody who is clearly a fringe lunatic with regard to religious beliefs. I will say however, that as a life long Catholic, I do believe that the Catholic Church is the Church that Christ founded. The Catholic Church is largest Christian denomination on earth. As I stated before, I challenge you to read Dr. Scott Hann. All popes, bishops, and priests, have the equivalant of a doctorate degree in theology and philosophy do you ?

  18. choir203 says:

    @morrij01 May it is you who has the problem

  19. choir203 says:

    @morrij01 It wont be you who will judge me

  20. morrij01 says:

    @choir203 Your reluctance to prove to me that catholicism is a biblical way to God just shows how you don’t know the word of God and you dopn’t know God. Read the Bible for yourself you might see the error of the catholic system. Countless books have been and are being written denouncing all false religions including catholicism, you might wanna read some of them before it’s too late. Because after dead, judgment. (Hebrews 9:27) Notice the lack of purgatory.

  21. morrij01 says:

    @choir203 It’s weird to me that you’re acting like I’m the only one doing this. Any teacher faithfull to the Bible does the same. The reformation happened for a reason. If you worship God any way outside what thew Bible says you’re doing it vain.

    I’m just sharing what the Bible says, I’m not single catholocism out, but every false religion that all have the same source; Satan. Jesus spent most of ministry denouncing false religion and we are called to do the same. (2 Timothy 3:16)

  22. choir203 says:

    @morrij01 As I said to you before do not judge my or my Church, when I leave this earth I will meet my Saviour, he knows who I am for I have worshipped him since I was a child, and even though I am a sinner I will ask his forgiveness.
    You have a free mind to engage in your anti Catholic bigotry if you wish. I really thought that this kind of thing dissappeared with the KLU KLUX KLAN and the NO NOTHINGS

  23. morrij01 says:

    @choir203 If you can use the Bible, because it is the only authority, that the roman cult is a biblical one then show me. If you can’t then stop claiming the name of Jesus because doing so is taking the name of God in vain and idolatry. Don’t invent your own God because you can’t tolerate the one from the Bible. the true living God is jealous God and he will not accept people that pray to anyone else than him, not Mary, not the angels and not dead people.

  24. morrij01 says:

    @choir203 Sure turning it back on me, I subscribe to the Biblical church. Although I don’t agree with everything they do, they have a somewhat weak view of God but their soteriology is right, I go the baptist church becuase their are the closest to what I believe the Bible teaches. If you want a pastor that really knows the Bible I guide you to he also has a very good series on the errors of catholicism. I’m not judging, God has already done that, all I do is share what the Bible says.

  25. choir203 says:

    @morrij01 I am still waiting for you to tell me what Church you belong to, and does your Church subscribe to your form of Anti Catholism, or does any Church satisfy your needs.
    Are you so self important that you can select who is damned and that all Catholics will be damned, are’nt you very smug. Do not play God and judge me, for God and God alone will determine my destination. I have served him to the best of my ability all my life, though sad, and happy times, and I accept his will

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