Body jewelry

getting my 2nd navel and stomach surface piercing pierced

Body jewelry

yep its my bottom navel and a surface below it. and that is my mom making the noises and talking in the back, again, NOT ME lmao.

13 responses to “getting my 2nd navel and stomach surface piercing pierced”

  1. iloveubabe123 says:


  2. Abbyp1001 says:

    how old were you when you got it done?

  3. djdjerojr says:

    Damn, that’s not a bad body at all >.>

  4. iloveubabe123 says:


    no thats not true.
    just take care of it.
    like use antibacterial soap and do salt water soaks

  5. maydaylollipop says:

    Reallly 🙂
    i really want it
    but someone toldd me
    that it’ll eventually reject cause
    its bare skin Its jus like piercing your hips or your neck
    surface piercings usually only last about 6months
    until you have to re-pierce it again
    i really want it
    but i don’t know if it would reject 🙁

  6. iloveubabe123 says:

    just take care of it.

  7. maydaylollipop says:

    is it true that bottom navel always reject?

  8. iloveubabe123 says:


    my bottom navel hurt more

  9. maydaylollipop says:

    which one hurts more top or bottom?

  10. zcreamoxa says:

    the piercer is sexy for me

  11. iloveubabe123 says:

    @palpableorgans ummm no thanks haha.

    u cant feel me dude…

  12. palpableorgans says:

    just relax your tummy so i can feel

  13. aknibaknib says:

    That looks soo hot on you:)

    thanks for uploading:)

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