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Ears pierced 4 times – Husband Lost a Bet, ear piercing

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Had a bet over the Superbowl and my husband lost. Had to get both his ears double pierced. Priceless.

25 responses to “Ears pierced 4 times – Husband Lost a Bet, ear piercing”

  1. LinnDani says:

    Haha. Pretty flowers. Nice one 😀

  2. crazycows01 says:


  3. Rudewomantt says:

    Hahahahahahahaha LOLOLOLOL That’ll teach them!! 🙂

  4. xXnobioneXx says:

    how is it embarrassing to get your ears pierced

  5. kittylovesit says:

    hahaha that is awesome.

  6. cupcakematter says:

    I wonder What he said or how he reacted when he saw the flower, lol 😉

  7. cupcakematter says:

    @steffon242 it doesn’t cost much, I got my ears peirced (2 holes not 4) for only $25

  8. cupcakematter says:

    Lol, that’s mean

  9. steffon242 says:

    how much did it cost?

  10. Msoma86 says:

    Wish my hubby agrees for 1 atleast ……

  11. er7z says:

    @emmaprice73 Awesome. I missed the rebellious teenager boat and at 32 I feel a bit old to try this new look out… maybe I might give it a go after watching this 🙂

  12. emmaprice73 says:

    Yes he does. I want him to get more again. Was a great laugh and even he thinks so now.

  13. er7z says:

    haha hilarious…. is does he still wear the one leftover?

  14. ojones212 says:


  15. bentenren says:

    you are such a mean bitch

  16. jawadalishe says:

    what was the bet

  17. Wendygrrl says:

    Humm… I want doubled pierced ears.. but done right… TY for the tips..

  18. desrosia1918 says:

    it was alright. it took forever to get it done because everytime i said i wanted a DOUBLE piercing, they wouldnt do it

  19. emmaprice73 says:

    @desrosia1918 I presume that it was your choice and not as a result of losing a bet like in my husband’s case! How was it?

  20. desrosia1918 says:

    lol i just got my double piercing today

  21. oreosassyrockssogood says:

    lol omg!!thats funny! i wish i couldve seen his face when he lost the bet!!

  22. HorseCrazyDaisy says:

    @claudialovestosmile I’m pretty sure mine aren’t 10mm apart, I’ve never heard that rule before! Not saying you’re wrong though. xx

  23. Rudewomantt says:

    LOLOLOLOL that will teach him to be smart Hahahahahahaha

  24. inkedtrash2 says:

    u should get him to get his left done again then stretch em…i now got 1 inch holes in each ear…my chick loves it

  25. MakeupXxXLover says:

    Your not supposed to peirce any two at the same time on the same ear…unless the one is healed, didnt they tell you this?!

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