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How to Treat a Potentially Infected Belly Button Piercing.

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1) do not remove the ring. the hole will close and puss will not drain properly – leading to a painful abscess (under skin infection) 2) Move the piercing upwards using a very VERY diluted salt-water- and very very little peroxide to clean the ring – but do not touch your skin. 3) Have a hot bath to loosen up any discharge (puss) and then wash it with a mild soap such as DIAL 4) Apply TeaTree oil – disinfecting and moisturizing 5) If it does not improve within a few days, go visit your piercer. It could be serious enough that you are required to seek medical attention resulting in antibiotics etc.

25 responses to “How to Treat a Potentially Infected Belly Button Piercing.”

  1. Neaboo5 says:

    @notjustvanilla13 Okie Dokie.. And today i noticed that its pussing again, once I started puttin warm compresses on it.. But its not like green its the usually so i know it is gonna be okay now.. Thanks =)

  2. notjustvanilla13 says:

    @irishkaylee12 it might be. maybe go check with your piercer but keep cleaning it!
    it shouldn’t hurt that much after 3 weeks.

  3. notjustvanilla13 says:

    @oris91 nope. i just dont reccomend taking the ring out, and the majority of piercers doesnt so just make sure you stop doing that!
    an nope, the skin regenerates alot and it should take care of itself!

  4. notjustvanilla13 says:

    @imwiththeband178 i dont!

  5. notjustvanilla13 says:

    i left mine in for 5 months. the healin period is 3 months to a year. so it can take a while!

  6. notjustvanilla13 says:

    @Neaboo5 this is normal! its going to have its ups and downs, so dont worry too much =)
    Just keep cleaning it and put tee tree oil on it if you are concerned!

  7. Neaboo5 says:

    And also… I went back to my piecer the next day and he told me its fine.. i must have slept on it or sumthin but its not rejecting an doesnt look infected… but im still a litlle worried.. SO what should i do??

  8. Neaboo5 says:

    SO its been about 3months an my belly button ring was fine.. pussing a little bit (normal). A lil sore here an there but over all it was fine.. Until Monday when i noticed that my bellly button is swollen inbetween the two bars.. I think thats wat you call them.. And theres a bump inside my belly button! At first it was red but i took care of it so now thats good but its still swollen in both those places and gets really sore an itchy but no puss at all is comin out !?!

  9. ashley2010ization says:

    how long did it take yours?? i done had mine for 3 months and i dont think its healed

  10. imwiththeband178 says:

    do you have to dilute the tea tree oil?

  11. notjustvanilla13 says:

    @VeeWrestledYoMom nope! unless it really hurts!

  12. VeeWrestledYoMom says:

    What if theres a lidddo bump between the two holes of the piercing ?
    Does this mean its infected ?O:

  13. oris91 says:

    okai.. i got mine almost 2 weeks ago. but i did not know anything about this.. and the man that did it said that i can take the ring off in 3 days and clean it with alcohol 3 times a day.. so thats what i did.. i got it out in 4 days and cleaned the ring and my belly for a week… so now its like a little reddish.. its sour. but the ends in the bottom and top is like dry. i am going to start this tips u give s.. but should i be in more concern in major damage?

  14. irishkaylee12 says:

    ive had my belly done for about 2 going on three weeks now, the bottom part of my navel is pierced not the upper btw.
    Its all red still around the top and bottom, and it burns like hell when i push the ring up, is it infected?

  15. notjustvanilla13 says:

    The skin will become very little infront of the barbell. It will shrink as swelling goes down. but if there is VERY LITTLE, it is. If you are nervous about it go ask a piercer tho, beause i haven’t had to deal with this, so i could be missing something key.

  16. notjustvanilla13 says:

    @kylielink i would wait 1-2 months after ANY redness from the piercing is gone!

  17. kylielink says:

    How do i know if its rejecting it?

  18. kylielink says:

    when my belly piercing isn’t infected anymore and is completely healed from being pierced,how long would u recommend to change it for the first time?

  19. notjustvanilla13 says:

    Personally. I would reccomend getting it checked!

  20. fluffyhuny says:

    mine has been hurting a bit lately for a few weeks on and off.It’s pierced since May and all summer it was fine but in the past 3 or 4 weeks it was sore on and off and sometimes there was a red line from the top ball to the bottom, where the bar would be on the inside.Now it’s just a bit like you described yours, a little bit red, crusty around the holes and there’s some whitish/almost yellow stuff coming out if touched.I cleaned it with salt water but that’s what caused the crusty cuz it’s dry.

  21. notjustvanilla13 says:

    @jessiecats13 First of all. PLEASE STOP WASHING WITH PEROXIDE. it is the WORST thing that you can do for a new piercing. it kills good and bad bacteria and healing becomes almost impossible. Clean with with seasalt and water solution, and put tee tree oil on it 1-2 times a day. This should help. If you see no improvement withing 1 week, i recommend visiting your piercer. If they say it is infected, go to your family dr!

  22. notjustvanilla13 says:

    Oh Yes!!! This is permanent! It is just scar tissue =)

  23. jessiecats13 says:

    PLEASE SOME ONE HELP ME!!!! 🙁 ok i got my belly done like 4 days ago and people are saying its infected cause its red and like around the bellyring its red then has whiter skin around it. but ive been cleaning it with peroxide and ive been washing it with warm water when i took showers plz someone suggest somthing ASAP!!!

  24. kylielink says:

    i have another question, like i said my piercing was pierced with a ring. i noticed one night when i was washing my piercing like in the middle part of my skin is a little bit hard.Is this normal?its where the ring is.not above the piercing but where its pierced,its a little hard to explain but i hope u understand what i’m trying to say.thanks

  25. Pacaso1010 says:

    hey, i just got my belly pierced about 1 week ago. and i try to avoid touching it frequently, recently these few days it really itch and it is kinda reddish around my belly ring. i also think it has a little puss around it? is that normal? is there certen stuff im not suppose to eat??

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