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Trisha tip piercing

Body jewelry

Trish getting the tip of her tongue pierced up in harlem once again pierced by the amazing Chris

25 responses to “Trisha tip piercing”

  1. superskaterfreak says:

    does anyone know what is the name piercing where there is like a sharp point on the tip of the tongue??

  2. lillove081 says:

    its called snake eyes

  3. boxathon says:

    what piercing is that called, i know its a tongue piercing.but like specifically

  4. dymbag98 says:

    i had shit bitchs love it wen i lick dem big ass titis

  5. Kiittyx100pre says:

    -_- i have it vertical at the tipp and horizontal at the tip as well doesn’t split…

  6. blankitah13 says:

    dont left these ppl fool you that shit dont hurt igot two on my tipss -__-

  7. ExpiredWater6201 says:

    I’m sorry, that wasn’t me that was my stupid sister who left that comment months ago (which I barely realised now but I’ll go yell @ her later) I’m gonna go beat her later XD jk

  8. LilChewlz says:

    naa you cant get it vertical at the tip. itll probably split your tongue.

    if you want it vertical get it like a regular tongue piercing. kinda in the middle. . .

  9. deadliwhisperz says:

    no that’s not true lol..

  10. smoothechula says:

    dang chik…all da pplz ikno da hav tongue piercings ddnt whine bout it dat much..lik how u had da balls 2 get da otha 1 but u cryin ova dat 1…i wanna get it dun..idgaf if it hurts..i can take sum worried bout da aftermath..lolz

  11. miszsnotty says:

    When yu watch it..It kinda looksz Painful I have it..itz really not bad

  12. QUEENHAZE360 says:

    Na that not true sum ppl get both but yu don’t have to yu can jus get the snake eyes and it doesn’t hurt

  13. x0carolina0x says:

    omg i had a dream that i had both of those piercings lols O_o
    hmmm i think i shud get it not that i kno it cud be done lols

  14. dahONEandONlyaDrian says:

    i want this piercing so bad;
    is it true that u need to have a normal tongue piercing before your tongue tip?
    please reply =D

  15. shesgotthecrazyeyes says:

    hhaha… well.. im am just an idiot heheh

  16. aaliyahkidv says:

    Lmao. I wrote that 9 months ago. I already got that piercing.


  17. shesgotthecrazyeyes says:

    i have tried… it does help AT ALLL

  18. shesgotthecrazyeyes says:

    OMG i want this but read below me!!

  19. shesgotthecrazyeyes says:

    really !!! :S:S:S
    i wanted to get it done
    but now reading this

    ahh scared!!

  20. imjusme5222 says:

    oohhh my god this piercings hurt me so bad. i took it out the same day i got it done. my tongue was numb for about 2 months afta. never ever again.

  21. ExpiredWater6201 says:

    When you get the tip pierced, does it have to be horizontal. Cause I wanna get one, but i want it to be vertical and on the side.

  22. BabeePikin says:


  23. Flahkation1 says:

    lmao ! Oh my god thats me !! In reply to the other comments the piercing its self didn’t hurt it was just the clamp that hurt. And for the ora gel … lol, I’m not sure if that would help but if it does good luck.

  24. patussa23 says:

    ooooh bonitoo!!!

  25. aaliyahkidv says:

    OMG, I can’t believe I wanna get that. I’ma afraid of the pain. I’MMA TAKE ORA GEL LIKE BABIES DO FOR THEIR Teeth, and wonder what will happen then. I think I will feel more confortable.

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