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Tritonal & Soto Piercing Quiet (Original Mix)

Body jewelry

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11 responses to “Tritonal & Soto Piercing Quiet (Original Mix)”

  1. ThisGirlsSecret808 says:

    Your quiet pierces through me… UGHHHH.. LOVVEEEE THIS SONGGGGG…. Good song when you on your way home from a rave….

  2. Shaneyb20 says:

    Great Track :D:D

  3. tranceme24 says:

    First time I heard this, I came! sry for that image…

  4. Dani1165 says:

    I won’t even pretend to be an expert on the sub-genres of EDM, but I’d say this qualifies as prog. trance and not prog. house simply because there are way more elements in this song than in your average house track – even progressive house. I’ve always considered house music to be simpler, compositionally, than trance. But that’s just how I judge it.

  5. jstreel says:

    Hmmm… I’ve heard something similar…
    Hampshire & Bissen “The vault” – isn’t it?
    But anyway – great track! Tritonal’s music is awsome.

  6. prudns says:

    Thanks man, but what are the distinctive criteria? Anyway, I love this track although I am coming from the house sector, definitely one of best tracks recently heard – so thx for uploading 😀

  7. Ql1M4x says:

    This is actually Progressive Trance 🙂

  8. prudns says:

    Great track but is that actually considered as trance or could one also say it is still some kind of prog house??

  9. tresorXXXXXX says:

    another dark, grrr, uplifting trance song.

  10. 1bipolarbear says:

    SOTO puts forth an outstanding track w/ TRITONAL on the set. They have an elaborate set of tunes coming through together, and as listeners, we are reaping the rewards. This tune is one of the catchiest though. Also check out Invincible Sun! TRITONAL is coming up quick! Welcome to the WORLD MUSIC SCENE.

  11. LyonEchoRecords says:

    No comments on this? Shame, such an awesome track!

    If you dig this track, you might like a new compilation from Chephren Blake called “Dusk 2 Dawn” out on iTunes!

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