Body jewelry

CMC at Big Joes Tattoo Shop in Yonkers New York for her piercing…

Body jewelry

heyyy, i’d rather know about it and have my daughter get it done at a trusted place….like Big Joes. so all you naysayers….please don’t….until you have a 15 year old daughter.♥ ps all is well♥

17 responses to “CMC at Big Joes Tattoo Shop in Yonkers New York for her piercing…”

  1. PuhinLove says:

    did she loose weight?

  2. broccollihead says:

    heeyyyy that guy brian pierced me three times…lip, industrial, and nose…my mom took me all three times since i wasn’t eighteen yet…she knew i was going to get it one way or another…so she decided she’d take me to a clean, well known, reputable place…the people are very nice there!

  3. lisamaria1972 says:

    @rockstartix4u BB ring is just as SLUTTY!! learn the meanings of these piercingsn and tatts…Congrats…your daughter is the commmunity WHORE!

  4. lisamaria1972 says:

    @organizations13th A responsible parent…that’s WHO and any responsible shop would NEVER NVER give a minor a tattoo.. that is who I am ….

  5. organizations13th says:

    @lisamaria1972 And who might you be to tell another how to raise their children? Tattoo parlor rules aside, it seems you’re the one in need of advice.

  6. UtubeeLvr1 says:

    how much was it for her to get her belly button done ?

  7. redrum649 says:

    Live your life

  8. LadyitalyOP says:

    thats in ceentral = ]

  9. XxStarBabe143xX says:

    hahaha the same guy pierced my belly button like about 4 years ago.. they are very clean and nice

  10. rockstartix4u says:

    if you watched the video you’d notice my daughter didnt get a tattoo..she got a belly button ring….a little different than a tattoo

  11. lisamaria1972 says:

    I got my Tattoo at BJ in Yonkers too. But I would NEVER let my kid get a tattoo. Any reputable place would never let a minor get one without a parent. You are a PARENT…NOT a friend.

  12. rockstartix4u says:

    as long as they take responsibility for you…just make sure you do it at a reputable place… Big Joe and Sons or a place like that..they have been around forever and they’re awesome!!

  13. ojonek says:

    oMg. can an aunt take you to get it done.???. it looks good. u r brave.

  14. rockstartix4u says:

    copy and paste the heart…..its the easiest to make that heart !!
    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥

  15. santeese12 says:

    how do u make dos starz <3

  16. rockstartix4u says:

    ♥ ✰♥ ✰wow♥ ✰♥ ✰♥ ✰

  17. bdtbabex3 says:

    wow your weird.

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