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Tragus Piercing

Body jewelry

This is my tragus piercing! It wasn’t that painful actually. My nose hurt more (:

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  1. mikeyray68 says:

    the woman’s mouth is weird. the lady doing the piercing .. look at it when she talks

  2. EllieM112233 says:

    i really want this done but someone told me you cant take it out after and to remove it you need an operation, i dont think i believe this, but is it true? and how much does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10? 🙂 x

  3. PlaidisRad93 says:

    i soooo badly wanna get either my tragus or my nose peirced!!! i’m trying to talk my mom into letting me get one for my 17th birthday next month… how badly does it hurt??? i have an industrial peircing….do you think it would hurt more or less then that????

  4. SeshyWolf says:

    I am so getting this done. and will eventually get both pierced. Can’t wait

  5. xxashlinexx says:

    i’ve seen this piercer before!! on another video. I remember because she pierced so quick and talked so quick, ahah!

  6. sharonvangils12 says:

    if got it too and the shooting by my i feel notting

  7. ashlee58k says:

    i got this pierced a couple days ago. the clamp literally killed me so much, i couldn’t even feel the needle because my ear was practically numb from the clamp. i was a huge baby- but if the clamp wasn’t so tight, i don’t think it would have hurt.

  8. gina463210 says:

    That must hurt so much. Is she old enough? No under agers. No fat. No ugly. NO sagging boobs. Hot and sexy only. He knows about the hooker from the LA hotel. He wants to get blow jobs too. He wants to get laid too. Dont leave him frustrated again! Jenna Bush! Thank you Jenna. Help Jenna.

  9. MrsMcCartney5 says:

    The piercer did it really fast. 🙂
    I really want to get mine done. I’m planning on it.~
    But I’m still really nervous. xD

  10. AomQueen says:

    it doesnt hurt that bad 😮

  11. saraabearaaful says:

    i have my nose done and i reallyy want my tragus but im realyl scared… = (

  12. smeebeebubbletea says:

    whoaaaa did u get this done at universal? haha this is so weird she looks exactly like the piercer who did my helix piercing lool small world eh? im getting my tragus done soooon tooo cant waitt! lool

  13. beckybee26 says:

    it really didn’t hurt that much, just a pinch, and that only lasts like a second 😛 some people are like “oh you can hear it go through, it’s like a crunching sound” but the only sound i heard was the click when she took clamp off.

  14. taytrot says:

    where did you get this done? the lady did it so fast. I am planning on getting my first one but im kinda afraid. how did it feel?

  15. beckybee26 says:

    Yeah, I don’t know 😛
    I just thought the nose hurt more, but that’s just me. Tragus wasn’t bad, but some people might think it’s really painful. It all depends on the person, you know?

  16. gundamlover2009 says:

    U thought ur nose hurt more than that? My honest opinion i didnt think the nose hurt at all. i got my done 7 months ago and I would do it over again if i had to. it really didnt hurt at all seriously. but i do want my tragus peirced really bad. truthfully, is it really just the pressure that bothers you?

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