Body jewelry

Piercing Chelsea’s Septum.

Body jewelry

This was the 2nd piercing i had done that day. xD I pierced Kayley’s lip, and now her septum. 😀 I love you Chelseaaaaaaa! And Sensi! (she was recording the video)

10 responses to “Piercing Chelsea’s Septum.”

  1. jimmygrin13 says:

    @NibblzandBeanz Marry me!

  2. bananarifle says:

    It’s not the first time someone’s been on top of me ;]

  3. NibblzandBeanz says:

    @jimmygrin13 …….THAT’S ME. >_< Lmfao.

  4. jimmygrin13 says:

    Omg the blue haired girl is adorable!

  5. NibblzandBeanz says:

    @landis444 Oh? Well my hands were clean, the needle was clean, everything was clean. She’s not dead, and it didn’t get infected. She still has it and it’s healed, (:

  6. landis444 says:

    Oh Yeah……….. that’s really sanitary.

  7. HussyHarryet says:

    I love the face stroke afterwards…cute.

  8. OrelinaOrgasm says:

    CHELSEA!!! i miss her

  9. Thompsonskicker11 says:

    @NibblzandBeanz no D: D: D:

  10. NibblzandBeanz says:

    @Thompsonskicker11 Oh you know you want to >;D

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