Body jewelry

SC2 singleplayer Secret Mission – Piercing the Shroud part 2 (includes teutorial).wmv

Body jewelry

This is the third time i have uploaded this thing.

21 responses to “SC2 singleplayer Secret Mission – Piercing the Shroud part 2 (includes teutorial).wmv”

  1. marshall9doom says:

    Man, when the reactor blew up..everything went to Dead Space and shit..

  2. marshall9doom says:

    Expect a hentai parody from this xD

  3. ElectroMuusiic says:

    Damn How i can play this mission like I have secret mission but i need to dont finish the game for play secret mission ? (srry Bad english ^^ )

  4. Crappy1441 says:

    At 4:30 was that Samuel L Jackson

  5. crapgirlfilms says:

    damn midget ultralisks.

  6. riylwarlock123 says:

    When i saw the pygalisk i was like: How cute! but then i saw here mother and the hybrid and WTF!

  7. riylwarlock123 says:

    @savagemessiah82 On the mission: Media Blitz Destroy one big bulky thing like a statue. After destroying it, you will see some papers thrown down, just take them and mission unlocked ^^

  8. Aquamissile42 says:

    Fking megnsk is a RETARD. I really hope that he gets a nice death coming for him in these games.

  9. TheInnovativeCopier says:

    was kinda hopin to see duran show up and saw something stoner-ish

  10. illuminati503 says:

    woo kill the scientists XP. though they are helping in the creation of hybrids, so they can’t be all that good

  11. Donnyl1994 says:

    hurr-durr(dot)com thumbs up if you like this link !

  12. asickorphan1 says:

    when teh hybrid lifts up its arms and it says we’re all gunna bie its sounds like the hybrid says “you’re all gunna die” =P 4:29

  13. NinjaRavez says:


  14. NinjaRavez says:

    3 medics 1 raynor. i think things are about to get H-O-T

    lol jk

  15. savagemessiah82 says:

    how do you unlock this mission?

  16. raitei2000 says:

    @dark0821 actually, the hybrid would fight against the brutalisk and buy you some time. i think

  17. 1whondshlpwithtec says:

    lol… you really hate scientists XD

  18. dark0821 says:

    i think its good that you kill the brutalisk first… imagining tryin to fight it while you are runnin from the hybrid x.x

  19. zeroxj99 says:

    lol just curious if Tosh says anything….

  20. belthazor3457 says:

    @zack1e I was hoping I’d get to watch him eat the scientist. >.>

  21. zack1e says:

    Abit of a huge fail there with the brutalisk

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