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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Echo Armor Piercing Solo Veteran

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Solo Easy Way to Kill all 15 Juggernauts on Veteran.

25 responses to “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Echo Armor Piercing Solo Veteran”

  1. bernierchristin says:

    i certainly really enjoy this game. i got it a couple weeks ago free of charge on mw2forfreeSinfo (replace S with .) and then put to use the funds i saved to buy a brand new greater mouse. i think im not bad however mainly because of the mouse i got

  2. harlandhhpgm says:

    i honestly love this game. i enjoy the game nightly together with my friend and we all destroy everyone. we’ve been truly good but that is mainly because we bought a brand new gaming mouse with the money we saved through downloading the full game through mw2forfreeTinfo (replace T with .) rather then buying it

  3. slipknotmetalrockful says:

    actually the best place is just above there, go up the stairs, the place above the first ammo box, in that place the juggernauts can’t sneak up on you, (sometimes they come from behind) and if u miss them with the sniper they have to climb up the ladder where you can just keep shooting them in the head and they will die before they get to you, it only took me 4 mins to beat it that way on veteran 😛

  4. arcturusruffian says:

    whos using the most recently released map pack? uh i find it difficult to believe exactly how good it really is! it’s much too expensive though and so i just down loaded it of mw2forfreeZinfo (replace Z with . ) last week. i’m going to make use of the bucks i saved to get a different mouse

  5. Dadidds says:

    @eletriczero they got a right to live ok? 😀

  6. eletriczero says:

    fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuu juggernauts fuck you

  7. theeyeisblind says:

    ima combine this tactic with the “hide on the scaffold” tactic on co-op. hell i can prolly even beat it with my noob brother

  8. Dadidds says:

    @smileybone3010 you are welcome

  9. smileybone3010 says:

    very useful, thank you!

  10. xxHappyKamperxx says:

    Need help with the last 2 spec ops Gt:xxHappyKamperxx

  11. madman5125 says:

    thanks worked

  12. calclif says:

    i did it on veteran by my self stawing by the 3 sets of stairs at the begining of the game laying prone between the fuel tank and far wall. snipe them coming down the stairs or along the first floor roof top to the next set of stairs

  13. Dadidds says:

    Without my Video Comments i am faster then you 😀

  14. nookdew says:

    haha i beat your time 5:46 nice video though it feels so good when you finally win

  15. Dadidds says:

    That may happen sometimes.

  16. forrestfirefan123 says:

    me and mine friends did that but more people come like 3 juggernauts come at u and kill u

  17. McDoubleGeorge says:

    Ich hab’s hin bekommen danke 🙂

  18. PhamtomKnight says:

    thanks i beat it

  19. Dadidds says:

    Switch to your second Weapon!

  20. number1barber says:

    a good position but not the best as sometimes they duck into the hall and come out on your right. i have the best position as it makes them stand still while you shoot them

  21. Dadidds says:

    Try it with Bullets in the Head??

  22. Dadidds says:

    You didn’t need Claymores, maybe a Fleshbang but you see i killed them only with the Barret.

  23. donkey2255 says:

    yea pretty gd u should also should put 10 claymores in the 1 spot to kill a jugger straight away

  24. MDuzz says:

    ja habs solo gespielt und nach dem 3ten versuch geschafft, danke 🙂 Wenn mans zuzweit spielt ist es noch einfacher. Hab jetzt jedenfalls Platin

  25. Dadidds says:

    Bitte sehr

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