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How to: Clean Nose Piercing

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Made this to help people 🙂 This is how you clean your nose with your anti-becterial soap 😀

25 responses to “How to: Clean Nose Piercing”

  1. misskrissy1966 says:

    hi i just got mine done does is it ok to use earring solutioon cuz thats wat the piercer said??

  2. cheyennesparrow777 says:

    @ImCrAzyFoROreOs i just got a cold a week after piercing mine and its fine. the first time u blow ur nose is rly iwerd but it gets super easy

  3. ImCrAzyFoROreOs says:

    I’m hoping to get mine done but im scared like what if I get a cold? is that a problem?

  4. apetalxinxthexwind18 says:

    You’re so cute! haha 🙂 this is really helpful, thanks!

  5. texassexiimami361 says:

    dude iv had my nose pierced bout a year now and it still hurts when i take it out and put it in wtf!?

  6. GPasapera says:

    @spinfire mine does that every time i clean it, the rubbing of the qtip makes it sensitive (ad i have sensitive skin to begin with) and swells a little, but it goes away after a few mins and it doesnt sink in anymore, i kept thinking it was going to go in straight through.

  7. cheylee97 says:

    i got my nose pierced yesterday and my piercer told me to buy antiseptic spray…i’ve been using the spray with a q-tip on the outside and inside of my piercing but im not sure if thats what i should be using on it. it doesnt say on the bottle that its used for piercings…

  8. Katarababe207 says:

    @spinfire u maybe experiencing the side effects of alergies. was the piercing done correctly? are u alergic to the metal of your ring or stud? when I first got my nose pierced my ear lobed did that too I was just allergic to t fake jewlwery like most but I was more serious!!

  9. GreatestSince95 says:

    hey i have my nose pierced . but ; i dont know how to tell if it infected .

  10. zebrasm says:

    I just got my nose pierced yesterday and bought some cleaning spray, but how often should I be cleaning it? And your video helped a lot, thanks 🙂

  11. wolfangel0902 says:

    You had better get back to the piercer as soon as possible, or take it out. Same thing happened to someone I know and they were told if they didn’t take care of it quick it could sink into the piercing and grow over then had to have surgery to remove it. Me personally, I would take it out and have it done some where else. Hope this helps!

  12. StephPEXx says:

    @spinfire 0_0 I’ve never experianced that. D:

  13. spinfire says:

    When you first got your nose piercing, did it sink into your nose from swelling at all? Mine is starting to do that and I’m having a minor breakdown. I’m 99% sure the post is too short but I just want to see if you’ve experienced it or not.

  14. StephPEXx says:

    @HayleywHANGOVER Swelling is normal 😛 and the song is: Diamonds- Breathe Carolina

  15. HayleywHANGOVER says:

    thaaaaaaanks this helped alot :3 i got my nose pierced 2 days ago, should it still be a little swollen? i have like a tiny tiny red bump of swelling my mum said its alright but ehhhh i cant help but worry lol
    OH and whats the song in this video? i like it ^^ <3

  16. yeahYEAHbabe says:

    thanks for this.

    the guy that did mine didnt tell me how to clean it.
    and although i sort of gathered what to do, it’s better to be safe than sorry 🙂

  17. StephPEXx says:

    @Cgirl017 Thanks and Welcome(:

  18. StephPEXx says:

    @KatehhhMatehhh ah, thanks!<3 XD

  19. Tessroxneonsox says:

    super helpful

  20. KatehhhMatehhh says:

    You’re seriously pretty ><

  21. StephPEXx says:

    @XsxcashoX no. i have a corkscrew nose stud in so it’s kind of hard for it to come out.

  22. StephPEXx says:

    @Cgirl017 thanks! & glad i could help! :DDD

  23. StephPEXx says:

    @jenniferbarski 13.

  24. jenniferbarski says:

    How old were you when you got your nose pierced?

  25. Cgirl017 says:

    I love your shirt and thanks for the tips to cleaning your nose piercing.

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