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self navel piercing 5

Body jewelry

12 responses to “self navel piercing 5”

  1. skyyflip says:

    @xxxraddkidd5 yes, but it took long to mark them even. haha

  2. xxxraddkidd5 says:

    thats badass ๐Ÿ˜‰ you did pretty good about making them even with each other

  3. skyyflip says:

    @sauron517 oh yeah? cool, cheers!! yay. hahaha

  4. sauron517 says:

    @skyyflip Then maybe iยดm crazy too XD

  5. skyyflip says:

    @sauron517 thank you!:] most of ppl here think im crazy, so im so glad that you like this.

  6. sauron517 says:

    i like your navel piercings, i have never seen something like that before. Amazing XD

  7. skyyflip says:

    @sharkie541 Yeah, but it didn’t hurt, so. Um, thank you. ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. sharkie541 says:

    @skyyflip oooh you had to impale your once beautiful navel. but oh well you still have a sexy body.

  9. skyyflip says:

    @sharkie541 Well, yes i guess i am. haha

  10. sharkie541 says:

    oh my god that’s alot of piercings you crazy?

  11. skyyflip says:

    @Simon19891000 Thank you. I’m glad you think so.
    I’ve done self micro darmal piercing today, so it’ll be up later.:]
    Thanks for watching!! :]

  12. Simon19891000 says:

    Wow! Cool, absolutelly cool! Cute tummy, nice piercings! I’m sure it’s not for wimps! Really painful beauty in navel – it takes a really brave girl!

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