Body jewelry

Cartilage Gauging from 14g-10g and Wrist Piercing

Body jewelry

Wooh I got my gauges! This is a time laps of about 3 weeks. I also show off my new wrist piercing.

5 responses to “Cartilage Gauging from 14g-10g and Wrist Piercing”

  1. stardust12495 says:

    @TheUnExpectedArtist FOR BOTH!!!!! ROCK ON!

  2. TheUnExpectedArtist says:

    @dragonsforever ahaha! Dude I died when I heard me chipmunk lol and it didnt hurt lol rly idk y but it didnt hahaha

  3. dragonsforever says:

    oh goody…masochistic chipmunk

  4. TheUnExpectedArtist says:

    @stardust12495 lol for what the cartilage or wrist lol

  5. stardust12495 says:

    ur awesome for that!!! =D

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