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hip piercing One year later [update]

Body jewelry

gross gross gross gross gross gross faceee=P

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  1. HollylovesTrent says:

    haha. so i have that exsact same billie joe poster on my wall xD

  2. raaakkellx says:

    @killgrace666 how long has it been since youve had them done & do you still have them (: ?

  3. killgrace666 says:

    @georginalovesbeth its gotten caught a few times [towels, laundry hampers, fishnet, lace…] I even have a picture of it bleeding, but Ive been very luck to not have mine ripped out

  4. georginalovesbeth says:

    wow it looks really cool on both sides does it not get caught on ur clothes and stuff because my mates got hers caught and ripped it out x x x

  5. StripeyBeanieHat says:

    @ItMustBeTheMusic PTFE bars like the ones you have help most surface piercings heal better as they put less stress on the piercing and are more biocompatible. Although, there is still the chance of rejection, PTFE bars lower the chances as do the metal staple shaped surface bars.

  6. cooolcaaat03 says:

    its gonna grow straight out of your skin. its rejecting. to avoid infection you should take it out and let it heal.

  7. desiree81108 says:

    @killgrace666 people are immature i swear!

  8. ItMustBeTheMusic says:

    @griselda1543 I went swimming the next day in a public outdoor pool which probably wasn’t a good idea but they seem fine none the less 🙂

  9. ItMustBeTheMusic says:

    @killgrace666 But the only this is because it’s curved you can kinda see the bar near the entry holes because its curving upwards so near the entry points you can sort of see the bar under the skin. And it’s still red round that bit and I wonder if that’s why?

  10. killgrace666 says:

    @ItMustBeTheMusic na I heard that one is good too. My friend got hers done with the plastic bar thingy

  11. ItMustBeTheMusic says:

    I got my hips done finally, only they used that plastic surface bar thing that is slightly curved and not a staple bar. Do you think that will be an issue? I’ve had them done for about 2 months.

  12. killgrace666 says:

    @griselda1543 I actually do not like to swim.. soooo like a year and 7 months, haha I went on the 4th of july

  13. griselda1543 says:

    How long did you wait before you went swimming?

  14. xoxoemokissxoxo says:

    I’ve had mine pierced for about 9 months ago and one of mine looks like the one of yours. Did you fix yours? If so, how? I’ve tried putting sea salt on it again but that’s doing nothing.

  15. endlesstutorials says:

    does the actual piercing hurt worse or does the after math hurt worse?

  16. LilMissFirecracker59 says:

    They fucked up your left one. Congrats.

  17. DesperatelyWounded says:

    also were they both done by the same person?

  18. DawnFaerie says:

    @jennyrocks100 I think you got your “b’s” backwards in the word “dumb”.
    And leave the poor girl alone I found her video very informative.

  19. NikiFreefall says:

    @jennyrocks100 Honestly wow… stop using the internet to insult people… obviously people who are watching this video are interested in her opinion and experiences, so if you have nothing nice to say or have no interest in the piercing… go watch some fucking barney videos and grow the hell up!

  20. whitneywd says:

    aw the one on ur right hip is cute, but the rejected one looks nasty

  21. weed420lmfao says:

    haha heyy im just moved to vegass (: hahahaha
    dude ima get my pierced this weekend I think cuz it’s sooo cuteee!

  22. Angelcountd says:

    Hun, save yourself a headache, just disable comments. :] It’ll make your life easier.

  23. aypapi0601 says:

    damm im so sry about the one side… tht sucks. i wanna get mine done but im scared that it will reject..

  24. GabbyJibblit says:

    @jennyrocks100 hahaha dumd? Learn how to spell before you start abusing people coz it makes you sound like a total moron xD

  25. jennyrocks100 says:

    killgrace666 (uploader)

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