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6 Dermal Anchors | Hip Piercings | Permanent Piercings | Part 1 W/ Huge Needle

Body jewelry

*UPDATE* – This site helped me pay for these piercings, seriously it is -* Girl sits though dermal piercings. She gets six done in one sitting. Diamond piercings into her hip’s. Very cute hip piercing. They use a huge needle about three inches long and an eighth of an inch thick. (1

25 responses to “6 Dermal Anchors | Hip Piercings | Permanent Piercings | Part 1 W/ Huge Needle”

  1. DamianMcGintyLover says:

    u bleed a lot..

  2. kentman37 says:

    @Rambo18Colt you cant, it has to be removed surgically, or by the piercer. they are permanent, but brilliant to have, so like a tattoo, make sure its what you definitely want or you’ll be left with a nice scar :’)

  3. jenvondco says:

    check my dermals out I’ve got 3 as well and finally i find someone who’s done them the legal way lol without the punch! I have one on my hand by my thumbs web and 2 on my collar bone (:

  4. krisp723 says:

    Thanks for this video! Been thinkin of gettin these and this video is really good quality!! Get the “W” pattern it’d be cute and different! xx

  5. misskaylakay1993 says:

    so in comarisson to you belly button piercing, how much more painful was getting the anchors

  6. brittanyyXballer says:

    @makinvideos DO IT. 🙂

  7. BabygirlNiqe says:

    which hurts more..microdemals or surface piercingz 4 hipz?
    i rlly wana get thiz done but not sure which 1 yet

  8. saritabadass says:

    How much was that?

  9. demondogclaws says:

    i love to pierce and have piercings and want to get these but im terrofied of injections and blood i feel sick after watching this but its so so cute

  10. MySuicideSilence says:

    that was sooooo quick aha,
    very cute.
    i like yout tummy aha.

  11. camaseutra says:


  12. Rambo18Colt says:

    Heyah i want this done, but i dont understand ? how can you take it out ? :S

  13. jcouturechick10 says:

    i want this done…how bad is the pain??

  14. PityTheProud says:

    Bad spelling never makes anyone look good either.

  15. PityTheProud says:

    @ihearthellokittyexoh My venoms hurt a lot more than my hips. Just make sure you go to a good piercer! This piercer is doing it wrong, he forces the dermal into the skin causing a lot more pain then he should… He should be using a tool to separate the two layers of skin to slip the dermal in.

  16. krispy42008 says:

    belly tongue and ears is ok but thats like self mutilation to me, it does look alright i just wouldn’t be able to harm my body that much for vanity

  17. TheLovegoddess91 says:

    how long did it take to stop hurting and bleeding???

  18. XxLittleMommaxX says:

    how the hell did you take six at once i barely handled two of the fucking things

  19. ihearthellokittyexoh says:

    what hurt more your belly or the dermals?? my belly didnt hurt a bit and i have venom tongue piercings and i realy want to get this done??

  20. ihearthellokittyexoh says:

    if u think there so ugly why the hell are u watching a piercing video sped and its jsut lyk asking ppl why they get there ears pierced and wear earings or bracelets

  21. badasslilstang1 says:

    i got mine in vegas. i also checked out several places in orlando (where i live) and the average cost for a single anchor is usually $50-$80 an anchor. Iv purchased single anchors from a wholesale tatto/piercing company online and a single anchor is 9.99 and the different heads are usually 9.99 for 4 tops for the anchor. so the price the artist charges is actually fair.

  22. badasslilstang1 says:

    i have 2 dermal anchors in my back, nipples pierced, belly pierced 2x, christina piercing, and my nose n tongue pierced. By far my dermals hurt the most. they can pierce u w a large guage needle or a dermal punch. you feel everything. good luck! iv had mine for a year and had it torn out from my jeans. i was able to have it put back in bc of the hole still being open enough since it wasnt fully healed

  23. ShizoMiststueck says:

    haha shut up

  24. cesarbestdadever says:

    getting piercings is ugly, it hurts, and makes you look like an asshole y do people ev3n get it?

  25. salz451 says:

    dam you bet me to it i wanted this lol

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