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Awash with Water – VOLVO OCEAN RACE 2008/9

Body jewelry

On-board action as Telefonica Black bursts through the waves. For all the latest news please go to

6 responses to “Awash with Water – VOLVO OCEAN RACE 2008/9”

  1. youharaujo says:

    i agree with bigmuso123 about the music , but donĀ“t think sailors will decide the music running on them…

  2. bigmuso123 says:

    i love these videos but hate the “pumpy” bullshit music, really would want this soundtrack in your head when your sailing < NO

  3. tonyboysax says:

    thats racing
    cmon av a go if ya think yar aaard enough

  4. pg911a5 says:

    ur dryer than try are when ur in the shower theyve been out in that stuff for weeks

  5. Eoink730 says:

    galway was class

  6. saskrox says:

    You’d stay drier on a windsurfer.

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