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Jurassic Park Dinosaur Battles Part 4

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This is part 4. In this video, I can finally show how to beat the Ankylosaurs. For starters, one of your Dinosaurs must know a Piercing attack. Note that some attacks even though they have piercing in thier name are not actually Piercing.(Example: Triceratops Piercing Toss. The Skill it starts out with is not actually effective against Ankys.) However most of the Piercing attacks in fact can harm the Ankys. All the available dinosaurs in the game are able to get a piercing skill. Triceratops in this part of the story is the most convenient however due to its Piercing Flip Skill that it learns eventually. It won’t take too long to learn piercing flip but it might take some time so be patient and it will pay off for you in the long run.

25 responses to “Jurassic Park Dinosaur Battles Part 4”

  1. NanoTyranusjfc says:

    I kept getting beaten by dilophasaurus in the maze so I usd anky and beat the game

  2. 0180917 says:

    🙁 childhood memories

  3. ScoutingTacos says:

    I love the ankylosaurus. It was so hard to beat, but then you GET one, and nothing can even touch you for the rest of the game. It was hilarious at the end parts where you fight gigantic stuff like T-Rex and Spinosaurus with this tiny little anky, and they can’t do SHIT!

  4. glitchhunter09 says:

    @bluehorse1214 The Rest ability comes with all dinosaurs as soon as you acquire the said Dinosaur, as do they also come with the Dodge skill. To activate these skills, you need to change the battle posture thing in the skills menu to defensive posture. This is the only way you will be able to add DNA to it to activate it and also it is the only way to make it visible in battle. You need to switch to Defensive posture during battle after activating it in order to use Rest or dodge.

  5. bluehorse1214 says:

    @glitchhunter09 I’m on the part past the dam and I can’t upgrade my dinosaur’s attack which is my Triceratops and I’,m getting mad because he keeps healing asnd I didn’t get the rest ability? How can I fight the Ankylosaurus if I don’t have any ability but bite and piercing toss? And when I choose the Ankylosaurus that I have he does lose health points but he keeps regaining it. How can I defeat him?

  6. glitchhunter09 says:

    @bluehorse1214 You need to make the attack stronger. The Ankylosaur’s Armor stat is too high for you to pierce its armor. I recommend fighting dinosaurs until your Triceratops gets piercing flip. That attack is much stronger than Piercing Toss.

  7. bluehorse1214 says:

    My Triceratops has 49 damage in the piercing toss and it still says blocked by armor.

  8. digimonfansid says:

    trhanks a lot!!!

  9. TyranntX says:

    tghe best and only way to so much as hurt an anky is to use attacks with the word “pircing” in its name.

  10. gofig2008 says:

    @glitchhunter09 u make a playthrough of both?

  11. glitchhunter09 says:

    You’re welcome:)

  12. TheDinoliver says:

    thanks i coundnt beat the anky

  13. superjamesbros2 says:

    it`s weird when you get Kirby out of the cave.You go to it with YOUR Triceratops,but the cutscene shows Aaron`s Triceratops.

  14. glitchhunter09 says:


  15. jaychant0 says:

    If it’s too weak, then it will be blocked. A piercing attack damages an Ankylosaurus the same as any other attack damages any other dinosaur. Since the strongest Ankylosaurus has 10 armor, this means your piercing attack can still be blocked if it does 10 damage or less.

    However, most piercing skills inflict much more than 10 damage. Piercing Toss in particular does plenty of damage to bypass any Ankylosaur’s armor.

  16. glitchhunter09 says:

    I’ve actually had at least on instant where the spiked armor blocked a piercing skill.

  17. jaychant0 says:

    Um, piercing toss IS a piercing skill, and DOES damage Ankylosaurus. Also, I have not noticed any skills with “piercing” in its name that wasn’t a piercing attack.

  18. glitchhunter09 says:

    That’s nothing special. There aren’t any cheats for this game as far as I know.

  19. sks9723 says:

    hey wait i beat ankylosaurs wit my raptor no cheats n i was 5 years old

  20. jmtrain97 says:

    dr corts ripped off megaman with getting abilities from others

  21. ShadowLivesonForever says:

    i think you are controlling the dinosuars…?

  22. TheNosferatu5 says:

    the kids that are talking in the game are you helping them?..a tamed dinosaur sounds cool but dont you rather be trying to eat them?

  23. glitchhunter09 says:

    Actually the game is the same in both versions minus the lack of a Scnner in Dinosaur Battles. As redundant as it may sound I own both versions.

  24. ReaquaintedHorror says:

    Didn’t it use to be “Scan Command Jurassic Park” or something? I use to have the game. I miss it too. Great videos by the way.

  25. glitchhunter09 says:

    Jurassic Park Dinosaur Battles.

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