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Different Types Of Piercings

Body jewelry Good website with a lot of cheap piercings and plugs, with free shipping. Music Bring Me The Horizon – Black and Blue Most of the pictures are taken from Bmezine.

25 responses to “Different Types Of Piercings”

  1. NeverShoutLizzy1 says:

    omfg its black & blue from bring me the horizon. sweet choice (:

  2. joshua1231649 says:

    @MonsterousMay im 10 but ive only got my ears like ea ear pierced 18 times u get used 2 the pain lol

  3. iluvkyomeow says:


  4. demilovatofan312 says:

    suck eyelid

  5. kiarules33 says:

    i have my labret, angel bites, ant eye brown, vertical industrial, size 2 gauges and my lobes pierced and im only 13

  6. melimarq says:

    this was a very good video. exactly what i wanted to know. thank you!

  7. skyyflip says:

    cool! i love piercings.
    i just got venom piercings (scoop piercing? i don’t know) like a week ago, and really love them.
    i like the music by the way. :]

  8. XolLiSaoX says:

    wtf this music made my head hurted so much..

  9. TheShadowWish says:

    @MonsterousMay its not that hard to acomplish

  10. CorrinCannibal says:

    Your point? I’m 15 and I’ve had 12piercings. Its no big deal.

  11. Deathmetaler97 says:

    you showed conch, inner conch and outer conch, but in your video, conch and inner conch are the same. their is no piercing that’s only called “conch”

  12. DeathByDew says:

    clavicle is a surface piercing… thats a sub-clavicle

  13. 621were says:

    I have 14 ear piercings, a lip piercing, a septum piercing, and a monroe. all pierced by mee. im only 13.

  14. 621were says:

    @jinxFLCL Dimple piercings (:

  15. 621were says:

    @MonsterousMay im 13 and i have 16 piercings. (:

  16. screamXferXlife says:

    what about snakebites, anglebites, madona, spiderbites, fingur, and cheek dermal?

  17. cervantez333 says:

    “tounge web” is called a frenulum.

  18. greeneyedgirlx says:

    is the uvula piercing a joke? or can you actually get that done, because tat just sounds and looks fake

  19. AoJoMoSoWo says:

    @MonsterousMay i dont doubt it…im 16 and i have 19 piercings piercings

  20. plurkandikid says:

    @lilimeicecream where my cousin works they call the eyelid piercing the third eye

  21. lilimeicecream says:

    @plurkandikid I thought the “third eye piercing” was another term for the vertical bridge, not an eyelid piercing.

  22. AMYROSE360 says:

    i already have a navel..i might wanna get a monroe

  23. Eddyatusabe says:

    whats with the little soccer ball

  24. hellokitty101ish says:

    @mistychristy1121 its called Deathcore…

  25. mistychristy1121 says:

    wtf this music is horrible cant understand shit?!?!!?!?!?!

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