Body jewelry

weird piercings tattoos and implants

Body jewelry

pictures i found of really weird piercings tattoos and implants. the Black ice by onetrackrecordings, 009 sound system and aalborg hope you like it x

25 responses to “weird piercings tattoos and implants”

  1. ChunkyChocolate16 says:


  2. keenoperson says:

    Someone explain to me why these people do this to themselves. You’re perfect just the way you are.

  3. ZinbaProductions says:

    Lovin the tit at 1:24

  4. JazzyLove42716 says:

    @911Dreda11 Kat Von D. i love her.

  5. Rickie223 says:

    how can this people ruin their bodies like that ? jeez

  6. ILoveFolkMusic says:

    @1234twistid yeah,an easy way to pick your nose…with a spoon


    I just don’t get why people make them self look like monsters=/ maybe they think they make them pretty wrong!

  8. 1234twistid says:

    @ILoveFolkMusic an easy way to pick your nose and i agree

  9. PINKYFREEKY says:

    @kathyrulz100 Mine too:)

  10. Milly41x2 says:

    the swords in the mouth made me throw up DX

  11. tux309 says:

    I hated most

  12. BooBitezz says:


  13. chr1st0ph31383 says:

    y a des taré quand meme

  14. nikkiloveh says:

    i love that spiderman tattoo!

  15. kathyrulz100 says:

    I would say my personal Fave is 0:28 (:

  16. april1514 says:

    @lovemylabradoodle22 dude, too dramatic.

  17. TheAmethyst205 says:

    i saw the lizardman ,hes so cool

  18. LikeNaive says:


  19. 911Dreda11 says:

    57:00 that girl from Miami ink

  20. lilgsk8ter says:

    0:37 is hot kinda

  21. MrOstrichLand says:

    @chopperkid19 well no crap what the hell else would it be

  22. lovemylabradoodle22 says:

    1:33 ewwww ewwwwww ewwwww the nose the nose the nose!!!

  23. lydia12ish says:

    The eye piercing is just wired lmfao x

  24. DizzyDerwish says:

    It’s correct to observe that this behavior is largely limited to one ethnic group.

    While there are some modders from other ethnic groups, it is effectively a white phenomenon.

    I’d like to hear how the modders explain that.

    Would they suggest that it is so because the other ethnic groups have no sense of ‘art’ or ‘expression’ or don’t appreciate personal freedom? Or maybe the other groups don’t know how to be ‘kewl?’ or how to show they have ‘balls?’ or … ?

  25. JaredDurtschi says:

    1:30 on the right i believe is just a tatoo on his chest

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