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Lo que paso por un mal piercing

Body jewelry

en lo personal el video me da asko :S lo ise de aburrido no mas xD si te gusto suscribe =D

25 responses to “Lo que paso por un mal piercing”

  1. TheAragon669 says:

    Da asco esa madre, que raro como se infecto.
    De seguro ellos mismo se lo hicieron o se lo hizo un amigo o alguien sin experiencia.

  2. 0120111985 says:

    Sigan inventando… no que les gusta el dolorrr?? cojan ahi LOL

  3. Kikitozx1 says:

    El problema de toda la gente que sale en ese video es la higiene, yo tengo muchos piercing y no he tenido problemas con ninguno porque siempre estoy limpiandolos y desinfectandolos ya sea con alcohol o con cualquier cosa…

  4. Conzillafication says:

    fuck people! ear stretching is NOT a competition! if you really want it, be patient! geez..

  5. yhuux3smilesx says:

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww o.O

  6. tweetikrissy says:


  7. xXxNoXGirlyXGirlxXx says:

    My piercings has luckily never looked like that … O.o

  8. vanymausi94 says:

    That was just bad care, i am sure…

  9. MyKevin45 says:

    a fuck ima go clean my piercings fer like 30min now!

  10. AViTionsHip13 says:

    all the tounge peircings get like that cuz people dont brush their teeth,suck dick to much&just anit sanitary with it .

  11. MellyRisch says:

    the thongue pierc and the venoms look horrible!! ouchh

  12. DeadGirlonNight says:

    Oo shit i have piercings Oo

  13. kitty2010857 says: more piercings for me

  14. Deathmetaler97 says:

    Oh my fucking goodness

  15. ichigozanghetsu says:

    i totally agree with it being theyre own fault for not takin good care of the piercings

  16. texasshawty02 says:

    holy shit!!!!

  17. 45Owls says:

    I gagged about 10 times during this

  18. laneybuggable says:

    who woulod gauge thier tongue

  19. 5465karina says:

    freak man i trow up after i saw that omg

  20. tokiwartooth310 says:

    While they’re all idiots for not taking better care of their piercings, :51 = wins the idiot prize. take that shit out dude it’s your fucking tongue!

  21. RudaTaTuda says:

    WTF WTF WTF WTF!!!!!!!!

  22. Yraidabecool says:

    fuck joder

  23. evafanatico16 says:

    basicamente es por que no les dieron los cuidados necesarios y se les infecto o gangreno

  24. psychodaan says:

    dewd, its like a fucking tumor

  25. DisneyStars118 says:

    yo tengo un piercing en e l cartilago de la oreja!
    ahora me da mierdo a ke me pase eso ! ¬¬xD

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