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4 Non Blondes – Dear Mr. President

Body jewelry

Music video by 4 Non Blondes performing Dear Mr. President. (C) 1992 Interscope Records

25 responses to “4 Non Blondes – Dear Mr. President”

  1. armgp4293 says:

    @platelook Like fuck?

  2. jambo68 says:

    Why oh why did this band not become the biggest band in the world simply a superb album.

  3. miguel4811 says:

    This Band Was Rebelion Like The Rebel Music Of The 90 s Old TIMEs

  4. platelook says:

    i love these chicks. linda perry just rocks. she has also wrote songs with joan jett. maybe the 3 of them should do something together

  5. MrDubselite says:

    she help pink wrote alot of her songs

  6. dreeroll says:

    I love it!!!!!!!

  7. dennisama says:

    @cobian91 totally thesame man,, sucks alot
    wish i was born alittle sooner/

  8. xlienxx says:

    @zorman1875 Just tweet her, she might read it, she really tweets a lot with her fans!

  9. DonBoby says:

    @zorman1875 she is on twitter and facebook, google “real linda perry” for her twitter; there you´ll find the facebook adress

  10. rvphoto says:

    She sounds like a female version of guns and roses via slash, and I think they are as good. What a wonderful find I remember only one song I liked when I did more research I never knew how good Linda Perry was and is as a songwriter singer. I think she needs to be back in the spotlight now here today!

  11. rickie5150 says:


  12. pataspubas says:

    The drummer girl is really beautiful!!

  13. miecow says:

    @cobian91 its never too late to discover greatness

  14. bucktkd says:

    @xOchaneldollOx his name is Roger Rocha, google his name

  15. bl00dybstard says:

    @vrcraft what you said is very true

  16. utelubbersbfu says:

    Chat with sexy women ** **

  17. teodorescuvladdragos says:

    great song

  18. vrcraft says:


    well, yes I guess so.

  19. glenn62murphy says:

    You should have been around in the 60’s and 70’s

  20. StevenLoos says:

    This song is probably even more relevant now than it was then.

  21. DaHarbinger1 says:

    Love this son g so much :DDD! One of my favorites with What’s Up! She has such a incredible voice.

  22. jasekd says:


  23. quadra91350 says:

    Incroyable voix , amazing, really

  24. thehammernator says:

    @BonnyDramaLass 9 now i think they’re blondes

  25. vrcraft says:

    This is true music, the 90’s were fantastic, really with a few bands like 4nonblondes, nirvana, ugly kid joe, soul asylum, and metallica being big ! Nothing compares to that, magic was in the air, with the fall of communist block and all the new in the world, after ’89. It wasn’t the music only, the world was changing, music is here to remind us about that….I remember the buildings with nirvana written on them, mtv and all that….comparing that with these simply can’t.

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