Body jewelry

My Piercing!!

Body jewelry

i did it all by myself. with a safty pin.. now i need an earing.. lol.. i think it looks cool.. how about you? be honest. thanks

10 responses to “My Piercing!!”

  1. Whatevs1Zero says:

    @hime2344 it surprisingly wasnt very painful

  2. Whatevs1Zero says:

    @hanahkg yea i got in trouble too. 🙁 but it was fun while it lasted. lol 🙂

  3. hanahkg says:

    I did that and got in trouble….oh well it was fun lol

  4. Whatevs1Zero says:

    @hime2344 it actually didnt hurt much.. it was thru the whole time, i just never realized it.

  5. hime2344 says:

    hey omg wow that must of been painful haha

  6. LedZeppelin0811 says:

    PATRICK HILBERT DOES NOT FEEL PAIN! hahaha, that was a pretty awesome line!!!

  7. heyitsthatstephenboy says:

    You look pretty fly with that.

  8. Whatevs1Zero says:


  9. przebita says:

    I think you look really good with pierced ears!

  10. sabhav1 says:

    i gotta say, i was a little worried at first, but now i think it looks pretty badass.

    and the song at the end is wonderfully appropriate.

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