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Chilly outside ^-^

Body jewelry

Woollyton’s Shop! So this is just a little update video showing you guys my hair and non-piercing-ness xD It has been raining allll week and it’s really exciting, and my favorite place with the grass and stuff is growing back WOOH! i’ll be making more videos soon guys, sorry for the delays 🙂 Looove you 😀

25 responses to “Chilly outside ^-^”

  1. iflybabe1998 says:

    i know this is probabley an off kinda question but what kind of camera do you have!!(: LOL

  2. MultiSexonlegs says:

    You Actually Live In Such An Awesome Place, Id Love To Live Round There 🙁

  3. ilikewhalesbruh says:

    Whats you natural hair colour? ;O

  4. Cutie8792747 says:

    ahhh i fucking envy you T_T

  5. MyGoals92 says:

    Can u do a tutorial on how you do your hair like this?! Like parting and stuff pleazzzz!!

  6. lolymandy says:

    how to get involved with modeling?
    you work for?

  7. MJlovablex says:

    the hill is growing back or trees HAHA :3 that could be a reeeally stupid question XD

  8. AloneInARoomFull says:

    I never notice that hair until someone reminds me of it.

  9. alex111480 says:

    god dam ur hot!

  10. pandaxbear666 says:

    where did you get your jacket its soo cute ^_^

  11. ASmileHides1000Tears says:

    Your eyes are so prettyy!!
    You are really prettyy too.. lol
    I love your hair…!

  12. SheStaysWicked says:

    Dirt . And . Poo . And . Stuff, ftwxD

  13. justloveash says:

    leda! I missed you. :3.
    you’re my favorite.

  14. rainbowprincessxx says:

    @DeMoNGiRl754 she got it from burlington coat factory. they have a website so google it as youtube doesnt let us post links. Leda told me she did but i cant find it on the site 🙁

  15. XCaptainGlowsticksX says:

    whats ur new like youtube channels cAUSE LIKE im reay confused with al these channels???

  16. harokatty says:


  17. wouldulikesomescons says:

    im in love :3

  18. ericn0rthman says:

    you are so cute ;]] .. i like you very much with black hair ;]]

  19. IWantAppleSaucee says:

    @rararawrness911 to keep your eyeliner on just re-apply it every so often (:?

  20. shegostalker says:

    I think you look cool with and without piercings. It’s nice to see someone with such awesome style who doesn’t have piercings. It makes those of us with ultra- overprotective, piercing nazi moms feel better XDXD.

  21. cupcakes12ish says:

    how many times have you dyed your hair?

  22. trackstar445 says:

    ur gorgeousss & i LOVEEE ur hairrr &jackeeeet likee OMGHEE love thiss look on u

  23. fallendemonangel1 says:

    I hope tht place get as nice as you like it to be;3…the way you talk its cute ^___^

  24. StrongerMusic717 says:

    You look preettyy with Black hair. (:You should die it black again. You look amazzinngg in this vid Leda;D

  25. haiibunnys says:

    D; i went 2 the woollyton shop and their all sold T~T

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