Body jewelry

Piercing my bellybutton

Body jewelry

omg!!! the freakin belly ring did not want to go in.. i wanted to die at that moment it hurt soooo bad as u can see & hear,,, oh gosh.. but im glad its over now… Its more painful having a baby though this doesnt even compare a damn contraction… aaahhh..sorry i still gota do sum working out..

4 responses to “Piercing my bellybutton”

  1. tHepreTTyreCKLess12 says:

    is it soar getting it done

  2. Alabamahick99 says:

    looks cute! u should make video showing off your belly piercing like changing ring/chains or something!

  3. FlYMami100 says:

    WTF that shit looks nasty

  4. wca61 says:

    You’re really cute!! You have a beautiful belly!!!

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