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Ear Stretching to 9/16″

Body jewelry

They have amazing jewelry, check them out and buy something! 😀 LINKS: Gauges; Holey Butt’r; http If you want me to advertise something of yours, please message me and I’ll be glad to! Thanks for the support, please leave your comments and visit the sites above!

25 responses to “Ear Stretching to 9/16″”

  1. Tarot93 says:

    nice il have to try that holy butter
    cuz ive always used baby oil which does work pretty well
    and for a female with your ears stretch you look gorgeous with them
    you deff. rock them yeah im at a 3/4ths inch on my left and 00 on right im workin on evening them out soon so yeah well keep on the tips it helps :)(:

  2. chelseavalliere says:

    they’re not called gauges. a gauge is a type of measurement don’t make a video if you don’t know what your talking about,

  3. xxkornfreak5xx says:

    Where do you get 7/16″ tapers? I can’t seem to find any…

  4. mandy095768 says:

    Omg! I didn’t know you were supposed to lubricate them! I just went to 00 and I haven’t been doing that the entire time! Yours looked like they went in so easy. I’ve been to bodyjewelry and I wasn’t sure how safe it was. Also, can you go from 7/16 straight to 9/16? Or do you do 1/2 inch first?

  5. dbavocalist1 says:

    your fucking sooo hot 🙂
    and my ears are at 18mm 😀


    ur fkn cute 🙂
    awesome vid

  7. SpaceNinjaMonkey says:

    can i stretch my eyes? lol :p, im dead ass

  8. MaryamMainstream says:

    youre awesome 🙂 ♥

  9. clara1GOMES says:

    @DearDesiray hahha all good, and k thanks:) <3

  10. DearDesiray says:

    @iMurderedPikachu My ears are at a size 3/4″ now.(:

  11. DearDesiray says:

    @lllSNAPSlll My ears are at a size 3/4″ as of right now.

  12. DearDesiray says:

    @clara1GOMES I just saw this comment. ha. But no , tapers won’t mess up your ears. I have no idea why people say that they do. lol. Butttt , when you first start stretching your ears you wanna start out with either a 16g or 14g. You can go to any size you want , just stop at the size that you feel most content at. good luck.<3

  13. BADGALBABYx3 says:

    you should do a plug collection vid !

  14. Justine5391 says:

    i just want you to know i bought holey butt’r because of your videos and i love it 🙂

  15. barnett256 says:

    @TheEmi13em1 eat shit

  16. DearDesiray says:

    @N33rDow3ll1998 I use it to clean the jewelry, not my ears, that would huuuurttttt! ha.
    Just clean your ears with warm water and soap; antibacterial soap if you can get a hold of some, butttt.. that’s about it.(:

  17. N33rDow3ll1998 says:

    Okay, so theres a bottle of like rubbing alcohol on your table thing in the video. Is that what you use to clean your ears? I’ve heard of doing that or getting anti-bacterial soap to clean gauges. Is there a better choice? I’ve also heard it just creates scar tissue which is bad for stretching, would you know if that’s true? And your amazingly beautiful and I love your hair(: <3 Thanks.

  18. clara1GOMES says:

    i wanna start stretching my ears but i heard that tapers fuck up your ears, is that true? and i’m a girl so i don’t want it to look weird…how big do you suggest going? i don’t wanna go too big though

  19. hugApandaHat says:

    u dont look right with ur snake bites.. idk maybe the stud is too big.

  20. RickyStackz says:

    Ur beatiful.

  21. Bulletscarlefteye says:


  22. sh3xzhec says:

    wow diz gauge really lik duz not fell lik any thing when i stretched my ear today danx for da advise cya:D

  23. Thisdiastertown says:

    @XEscapeDestinyX you’re more likely to have blowout when you don’t use a taper.

  24. DearDesiray says:

    @XEscapeDestinyX Cause I can.. my ears are completely healthy. Never had a blowout in my lifeeeeeeeeeee.

  25. XEscapeDestinyX says:

    why would you use a taper… blowout waiting to happen

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