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My awesome SEPTUM PIERCING ring HD =c)

Body jewelry

this is my septum piercing. I’m in love with this piercing and I finally got it done at a trip to Mexico. Behind my parents back to they don’t know I have it 🙂 I have to flip it up to hide it and they have not noticed yet!! =c) so I hope you enjoy this and I promise I’ll upload my septum piercing story once it heals so be sure 2 subscribe honeys!!! Add my Facebook oh and the song playing in the backround is I’m in love with a killer by the best person on the planet JEFFREE STAR. Add his fb it’s I love this bitch

3 responses to “My awesome SEPTUM PIERCING ring HD =c)”

  1. Your52 says:

    did it swell ?

  2. lickmyeyebrow says:

    you should widen your ring up because i had the same problem with mines and once i opened it up a little more it felt a lot better flipping it up and down

  3. TheJairoRox says:

    Btw I was high when I took the 1st pic that showed up so thats why I look retarded in it. But I decided to keep the pic cuz it showed my septum off

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