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Hood Piercings.mp4

Body jewelry

The first part is my friend Hayley’s reaction to getting a vertical hood piercing… And then my reaction… lol It really wasn’t that bad! 🙂

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  1. princessdev37 says:

    @singdancedive1069 YES! I would TOTALLY recommend it!! 🙂 It sounds scarier than it actually is.. you just feel a little pinch.. You will be ok if you decide to get it done.. The adrenaline rush is great! haha

  2. princessdev37 says:

    @thtgirlcameron I LOVE IT!! It healed VERY quickly and as you can tell, it didn’t hurt me barely at all (I’m the second girl in this video).. You always hear stories about girls that get this piercing and all they have to do is “walk up stairs or run” to have an orgasm.. but for me, I don’t notice anything at all until my partner stimulates it. It has definitely intensified my orgasms. And he enjoys it as well 🙂 I think because it’s something different and it is very pleasing to the eye 🙂

  3. thtgirlcameron says:

    please answer!

    How is this piercing beneficial for your sex life?

    Is it pleasing for you and your partner?

  4. jasmineasia1 says:

    @markydrive lol it really does but i wouldnt get it

  5. barbie4princess says:

    i have the second girls shirt…

  6. markydrive says:

    @jasmineasia1 .. Hi Jas, its all about the pleasure, i understand that the end of the bar rests gently on the clit. im a guy and just 12 days ago i got my frenum pierced (thats the point where the forskin meets the underside of the head of the penis) The pain was almost nothing and gone in seconds. The female”VCH” and the male “Frenum” are seen as very similar piercings and both enhance sexual pleasure greatly.. i would recommend it to anyone..hope this helps..

  7. jasmineasia1 says:

    so ummm why do ppl get these piercings????? i jus dnt get it SOMEONE EXPLAINlol

  8. nikirylee says:

    whores have a lot of sex with random people. piercings dont make a whore, a whore. whoring does ! 😛

  9. THKelseyMay says:

    lmao to the conversation above .

  10. danyelleh003 says:

    I completely agree! I got mine done about 3 years ago and it healed so quickly. It was really intense when the needle went through, but after that it kind of goes numb. Mine was NEVER sore, right after the piercing it felt completely normal “down there.” It healed SO fast, I was amazed.

  11. MihaelNateLawliet says:

    I’m thinking of getting one.. but I’m a little bit of a wimp when it comes to pain. How much more pain is it than a lip piercing? Cuz I was able to handle that pretty well. Or a tattoo on a shoulder blade? That didn’t hurt at all…

  12. princessdev37 says:

    @lisarri23 LMAO!!! So…. what you are saying is that your Aunt is a whore??? lol…

  13. lisarri23 says:


  14. princessdev37 says:

    @lisarri23 Well everyone has their own opinions, but just so you know, you statement is untrue… I am married. I have been with my husband for 6 1/2 years. I got this done because it was exciting and it increases sexual pleasure. If you honestly think only a whore would get this done, then why are you looking at it!? Oh, wait… let me guess… you are a pervert! You thought you might actually see something! haha

  15. princessdev37 says:

    @singdancedive1069 Yes! I would totally recommend it! It really isn’t bad… it’s over SOOO quickly! AND it’s the fastest healing piercing you can get! 🙂

  16. lisarri23 says:

    Only a whore would get this piercing

  17. singdancedive1069 says:

    @princessdev37 really would you recommend it? I want to get it done but i am soo scared

  18. princessdev37 says:

    lol Thanks! 🙂 It really wasn’t that bad… the worst part for me was putting the jewelry in and screwing the balls on… I would TOTALLY do it again… I’ve had other piercings that I would NEVER do again.. haha Plus this piercing heals up pretty fast! 🙂

  19. GlamourKills007 says:

    kudos to both of youu! it takes serious balls to do that..
    i kind of want to do mine, but of course im too much of a chicken haha
    doesn’t seem too bad.

  20. silentalien says:

    OUCH!! Beauty must suffer. I wish, that I could see the result.

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