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M95 | M21 Comparison | Read description!

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Because this probably would get asked alot, here’s a comparison between the M95 and the M21. I also got asked to give some tips for sniping. Never give up on your stealth. The first thing that should be 5/5 is your stealth. After that comes piercing shot. If your target stays still, always aim for the head with your piercing shot. If he’s on the move, just rely on your piercing shot. Even piercing shot 2/5 can be dangerous. Buy the M95/Super Pipsqueak Popper as they hit the hardest. Try to get your target from behind. They’ll never expect that, and before they turned around, they are already dead. Don’t try to be rambo, that’s why gunners are designed. They should be rambo, and you should be James Bond. If you get hit, try to run away as fast as you can and wait until your Stealth is available again. If you encounter a group of gunners, soldiers and commando’s. Take out the weakest link first, the commando. If he approches you with his knife, just take it your knife and knife him. After that comes the soldiers, and after these come the gunners. Gunners have the most HP, and are upclose the most dangerous targets. If you go long-range sniping, take out the gunners first. Even though they think they’re machine guns are long range, they’re actually not. Remember: Soldiers are lethal at long range with their long range SMG’s and burning bullets. If they see you, get as fast out of there as you can. Any more tips needed? PM me!

25 responses to “M95 | M21 Comparison | Read description!”

  1. countryzomer says:

    i prefer m95/svd for his high dmg, i got piercing at 5/5 i hit 80+ with it.
    i rather 2shot someone than 3a4 shots.

    thats my opinion, idc for yours ^^

  2. BFHolsen says:

    the reason you say M21 give low damage is cause u are a noob at aiming

  3. BFNOOB21 says:

    the m-21 is better BECAUSE :
    -you can shot faster so u can kill a gunner in 1-2 second…
    -u can kill mandos batter because they think u havbe a slow sniper
    -the m95 makes just more damage….
    -if u can play with the m-21 it is the best gun in bfh 😉
    nice vid.

  4. BFNOOB21 says:

    nice vid. but you play with the m-21 not realy good….
    but nice vid. 🙂

  5. blaze42800 says:

    @G2MoveOn- also, the M95 is basically a 1 shot kill on mandos with lvl 1 piercing shot! I think a better 1 shot kill for the M95 on commandos would be lvl 3 piercing shot!!! :)! Sry for a late notice- since I think the sale is over, but if u already got it, it is the BEST sniper rifle on the game for high- recoil shooters!!! 🙂

  6. blaze42800 says:

    The SV98 and m21 are fast and I don’t use ANY piercing shot!!! I use m95 for royals and SV98 for nationals because they look better than the m21 and SVD! Not to mention sound!!! :)! Overall I like the m21 and SV98! Most of the time I like those, but some days I like the M95 and SVD better. It depends on my mood! :)! For 1 of my nationals I only have SV98!!! 🙂

  7. blaze42800 says:

    I recommend the m95 for high and m21 for low because m21 lacks too much recoil Whig Is good!!! The SVD and the SV98 r the same as the m95 and m21- they just have different looks and sounds!!! 🙂

  8. MrPatrickp0078 says:

    @JesseEradus xD je had het niet in een server emt andere mensen moeten doen maar met een vriend in een single server nou weten we nog steeds niet wat de beste is :S

  9. G2MoveOn says:

    yeah but what about the m95 with piercing shot 5/5 ._.

  10. MeisterMinimal says:

    i prefer the low shooting one. if you play in high lvl areas u need the dmg .. and you are able to shoot a soldier with shoots!

  11. K1rkHammet says:

    Is m21 better than roderick super rifle?

  12. BfHgOrDoN says:

    Whats ur hero name? 🙂

  13. dude591515 says:

    M21 is better

  14. razza779 says:

    But the thing is m21 gives lower damage

  15. tompen6 says:

    @yoyomom616 I have hard beiliving that, what map was it?
    And btw….

  16. MrShayIfy says:

    Really Good Comparison, And the text at the end tells it all 😀

  17. muzieklove says:

    w8 is ff jij spreekt duits en nederlands want ik zag jij duits een comment beantwoorden in joun montage

  18. bigbother120 says:

    Oh and *Turns troll on* You aiming just sucks *Turns troll off* good vid anyway >.>

  19. bigbother120 says:

    Lol i can use m21 with my lvl 11 and take out lvl 30s WITH 1 ps you dont need 5/5 >.>

  20. dude591515 says:

    I got the m21 it is the best sniper I have played with. I got 21 and 1 with it

  21. Nathews says:

    that new weapon sounds just like the rodrick rifile

  22. yoyomom616 says:

    This is my favorite video

  23. yoyomom616 says:

    If u want to be my friend I’m austin616 and I’m a lvl 24 with him

  24. yoyomom616 says:

    My best score was 51-7 with sniper and with m95 and today a got the m-21 🙂 in my first game I got 19-0 it was kewl the m-21 rocks

  25. iAznPwnd says:

    IGN: ShadowSA
    I got M95. It rocks! And M16 too!
    IGN: (Search for ShadowSA or Cpt.Mariiz) Cpt.Mariiz
    Yoy may have seen me before, at the top. With: 42-5 and 5137 exp! Thats my best score!

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