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Sabaton Panzer battalion *LYRICS*

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Under this sun no shadows will fall Piercing our eyes as we charge An armoured battalion on course to the east Closing the end of it’s march This time we’re here to finish a job Started a decade ago Driving the animals out of their holes To bury them 6 feet below Armoured tanks of mass destruction Killers in the east Rats who dares to stand before us Feel our guns go live Death in the shape of a panzer battalion Insect of terror don’t run face your fate like a Man cannot outrun our panzer battalion Thousands of tons of armour and guns Making it’s way through the sand Our panzer battalion is back for revenge Artillery sweeping the land First strike is ours no mercy is shown There’s rivers of blood in our track Breaking their lines of defence with our tanks Infantry watching our back Blow their SAM sites clear for air strike Ready for the storm Minefields swept there’s no surrender Feel our napalm burn Under this sun no shadows will fall Piercing our eyes as we charge An armoured battalion on course to the east Has reached the end of it’s march

25 responses to “Sabaton Panzer battalion *LYRICS*”

  1. SaintsSpecOps says:

    war cost moeny most nations dont have

  2. SaintsSpecOps says:

    thats an m1a2!

  3. AgentTasmania says:

    I think all tanks should have a hydrolically-mounted dozer blade.
    Hull-down position isn’t acheivable? plant the dozer blade to protect the belly.
    Mines? plow ’em out of the way.

  4. deathnoteviewer says:

    @WickedrWil This is what happens if we mate a tank with a bulldozer.

  5. d3vastation69 says:

    the best way to throw up M113 ARMORED PERSONNEL CARRIER (at 3:26) 😛

  6. deathnoteviewer says:

    What the hell fell off the tank at 3:04? :S

  7. Vaktpluton says:

    sabaton is from sweden

  8. KAMIL2310 says:

    @TheJunkieteam Hey noob what if i tell you that judas priest is a band ?

  9. KAMIL2310 says:

    Great video man … good job

  10. goliathlup1 says:

    Hmm did that guy at 5:11 shoot the camera?

  11. theodorosregmt says:

    This song is about Panzer Battalions but not the German vehicle in WWII!That is names Panzekampfwagen.Panzer Battalion means Armoured Battalion.So WWII is totaly irrelevant

  12. pb0m5phr says:

    @StormchaserKnight Sabaton is from Sweden. Just like its nordic neigbours (and Germany) “Panser” is used like the german world “Panzer” (Eng: Armor). I agree that this have to be about Iraq, and it is a he** of a motivational song for us in the Armoured units today.

  13. coolguykiller199 says:

    @StormchaserKnight finally some one said it lol.. sick of every one thinking this song is about Germany during ww2… 😀 This song is suppose to be a follow up to Reign of Terror (song about Operation Desert Storm) and this one is about Operation Iraqi Freedom.

  14. WickedrWil says:

    whats that at 5:00

  15. StormchaserKnight says:

    @zenoparodie It’s about the second War with Iraq.
    “This time we’re here to finish a job, Started a decade ago”
    “Killers in the east”
    “Making it’s way through the sand, Our panzer battalion is back for revenge.”

    Panzer is the German word for Tank and Sabaton are from that part of the world. (I think it’s Switzerland they’re from. I can’t quite remember) Plus, Panzer is just a much cooler word 😉 Hope that helps.

  16. StormchaserKnight says:

    @Jewoso I don’t support war (especially modern war. Guns suck) and there is no beauty in war. However, there is a certain glory in it. And not so much these days, but there used to be an honour in war too. I very much support the line “don’t run face your fate like a man” I despise cowards in all their forms. By supporting this song, we’re not so much supporting death and violence, but the men and women who are brave enough to put their lives on the line so we don’t have so. Just my 2 pennies 🙂

  17. StormchaserKnight says:

    @MADSPARTIAN Here’s a little history lesson for you: Operation Sealion was Hitler’s plan to invade Britain. The first part of that plan was to gain air superiority of Britain, which he ultimately failed to do, thanks to the RAF. Even if America had not become involved in WW2, and Europe came completely under Nazi control, Britain would not have fallen. It has been nearly 1000 years since the last successful invasion of Britain. And not all of us are in bed with the US. I’m not. RULE BRITANNIA!

  18. nomad403 says:

    @zenoparodie ….|-( Screw you guys I’m goin home…

  19. zenoparodie says:

    @nomad403 im pretty sure those are not the lyrics ;D

  20. nomad403 says:

    @zenoparodie “…Blow their SAM sites clear for air strike
    Ready for the storm…”

  21. nomad403 says:

    @zenoparodie As I was saying… “I don’t think the polish had SAM sites”

  22. nomad403 says:

    @zenoparodie As I was saying … “I dont think the polish had SAM sights”

  23. zenoparodie says:

    @nomad403 the song is about WW2

  24. nomad403 says:

    @zenoparodie What only the video? is bout Iraq? Well as gabba1gabba1hey said “…second US invasion

    dont think the polish had SAM sights”

  25. zenoparodie says:

    @nomad403 lol only the video u dumb ass lmao

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