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How to pierce your own lip ! [ You wont feel a thing ! ]

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25 responses to “How to pierce your own lip ! [ You wont feel a thing ! ]”

  1. lonelyemochick1 says:

    @RONANLUV I know how ya feel…..I’m on the same page…..but Ima pierce it anyway…. The only thing I’m afraid of at this point is the pain and it getting infected then my parents finding out…..((O_O))

  2. ilovebluexnick says:

    @LessthanatVideos Actually, they did a good job. I bet your comment is scaring people away from a great guide.

  3. danibee18 says:

    You are rediculous, no one should take your advice. Oh and you’re NOT supposed to clean a piercing with rubbing alcohol.

  4. sarababy987 says:

    @reneenay6600 Ahh, Same question here DD:

  5. TheVinnie510 says:

    Ur bro is hot (:

  6. reneenay6600 says:

    what size needle should u use?

  7. bryanecstasy691 says:

    @davis3378 no aree yoou -.-
    thats what pros usee you just pierce it take off the plastic and put in the piercing! -.-

  8. HollysPartyTimeProd says:

    actually you are supposed to use a hot towl because it makes the lip skin softer n you should prob. go to a profestional to do it because it can get infected

  9. StarlightHK07 says:

    Your hot XD 😛

  10. davis3378 says:

    @Griffiths1998 If you’re asking that question then you don’t need to be piercing yourself. Wait til your old enough to go to a pro or talk to your mom and have her take you.

  11. davis3378 says:

    @bryanecstasy691 A catheter? Are you fucking stupid?!

  12. davis3378 says:

    If you’re going to be a pussy and ‘numb’ your mouth the best solution is to take a few ibuprofen before. UUsing anything to attempt to numb it that isn’t professional it’s only going to numb the first layer of skin and it will hurt worse once you break through the skin. Also if you use ice it freezes the skin which makes it harder to pierce, resulting in more pain. Please, if you’re going to try and make a tut please know what you’re doing.

  13. ct3gct3g says:

    Fucken Fuckable. 😛

  14. SuperNonBeliever says:

    He is damn straight hot 😉 snake bites look good on him

  15. TheOldOne says:

    Might want to tell people to first STERILIZE THE NEEDLE! Seriously, if your parents won’t take you to get them pierced, you shouldn’t get them pierced. :3

  16. shurbanator100 says:

    why does everyone numb it? grow balls!

  17. xXxjo5hyxXx says:

    Dont use alchol it dosn t work my friend did it and it got infected. And dont use ice use hot water it softens the ti

  18. bryanecstasy691 says:

    just use a catheter xD im 13 and idgaf if my parents like em or noot i tell them to let me live ..c:

  19. beautifulandBEAST says:

    @Griffiths1998 me tooo!!! im 13 also and i wanna pierce my bottom lip but im afraid to ask. sadly if i dont ask i will never be able to get it pierced.about 3 months ago i asked to get my cartlage pierced and my mom let me. so now im going to be brave and ask if i can pierce my bottom lip. my advice to u is to be brave and ask her ok cuz your not the only one

  20. andylovesya86 says:

    I feel like piercing my lip at home and I’m 12 I tell my mom and she says your crazy and I’ll get a needle and rock it is kinda wierd

  21. AmberKillz says:

    This VIdeo Does Really WOrkk iPierceed My Owwnn Liiipp(:

  22. Griffiths1998 says:

    I’m 13 and I rlly want snake bites but I’m afraid of wat my mom might say if I even ask… HELP ME!!!!!! PLZ!!!

  23. RONANLUV says:

    I’m 12…should I do it ? D: I really wanna,but I’m a wimp ! ;o

  24. andruzza4u says:

    sexy guy! =P~

  25. pwincesstalkalot says:

    Yummmm, he is tasty 😉 x

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