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My Piercings

Body jewelry

Hello everyone, I have been requested to do a piercing video, so here is a low-down of my piercings. Obviously these are my piercings and my pain thresh-hold might be different to yours, but at least you get an idea of what piercings I have. If you didn’t catch the names here they are: Belly piercing, pain 4-4.5/5 (self explanatory) £35 Tragus, pain 1.5/5 (thick cartilage) £25 Rook, pain 2.5/5 (also cartilage at the top) £17 Hope you enjoyed, if you have any questions then ask me below or inbox me. Lots of love, xxxx

25 responses to “My Piercings”

  1. ThePersianbabe says:

    @jesuisunehirondelle Thank you yea 🙂 xxxx

  2. jesuisunehirondelle says:

    hey, you’r really pretty! 🙂 Love your hair! AND you’ve got a blackberry, haven’t u? 🙂

  3. ThePersianbabe says:

    @sistamary2k6 🙂 xxxx

  4. sistamary2k6 says:

    @ThePersianbabe aw ok, thanks for the help. the swelling has started going down now, so hope it heals up good 🙂 thanks again x

  5. ThePersianbabe says:

    @sistamary2k6 Sometimes …. it’s because it’s in such an awkward place I think … mine has a tinie lump on it recently … ive found when Im upset or feeling like yuck it hurts more … strange … x

  6. sistamary2k6 says:

    hey i got my rook done about 3 months ago…and its still a lil swollen and a bit sore..i clean it 2 times a day with the solution my piercer gave me. did you have any trouble with urs?

  7. ThePersianbabe says:

    @igorstates Nope, but just saw it and it’s not for me 🙂

  8. igorstates says:

    you dont know what an industrial piercing is?

  9. ThePersianbabe says:

    @igorstates No idea I’d love a conch tbh … I have to look it up! xxx

  10. igorstates says:

    do you plan to get anything else
    what do you think about the industrial piercing?

  11. WestwoodLover17 says:

    Hey I wanna do my cartilage, where did you do your piercings? Thanks xxx

  12. ThePersianbabe says:

    @zannananny795 Will do! xxxx

  13. zannananny795 says:

    we have had such different experiences! my belly button hurt the least and my lower cartilage had to have a hoop cos if you put a bar in it then your ear and swell up and swallow it/surround it so its stuck!!

    I have got my forward helix done, I think you would like it, google it or something 😀

  14. ThePersianbabe says:

    @theuglyfix Thank you 🙂 xxxxx

  15. theuglyfix says:

    love this 🙂 beautiful lady!!!

  16. ThePersianbabe says:

    @unavailableanonymous Thank you, glad you like them! xxxxxx

  17. unavailableanonymous says:

    love your vids hun. i subscribed

  18. ThePersianbabe says:

    @loll878 Your welcome, nah rook isn’t so bad. Belly on the other hand! woooooooooooooooo that hurt me. Haha. Might just be me though. Yeah tragus didn’t hurt, what’s an anti-tragus I’m gonna look that up! Yeah they are sooo addictive. Thank you glad you’re enjoying if you have any requests just ask me! xxx

  19. loll878 says:

    thanks for the vid…i wanted to get my rook done but was afraid it might kill!
    i have my tragus, i totally agree with you…was about a 1 for me, but i recently got my anti- tragus which hurt SOOOO badly, but I love it…..they are highly addictive 🙂
    thanks for the brilliant videos

  20. ThePersianbabe says:

    @nemorock91 Omg im so happy you went ahead and did it! Yeah totally agree, I’ll inbox you right away! Ahh so excited for you! xxxxx

  21. nemorock91 says:

    Hey i just washed out the bleach and i really like the colour it gave!i might not dye over it,but i’m gonna have to buy more bleach tomorrow coz i ran out!!stupid me!i thought one bottle would be enough!yeah sure once ive finished the process,send me your email and i’ll email u some pics!eeek exciting!its not as blonde as yours though but i love the bed head messy look it x x x

  22. ThePersianbabe says:

    @nemorock91 Haha yeah omg tragus friends! I love the tragus, I think it’s really quite nice and not chavy. Yeah omg with earphones it’s such a pain! I only ever put one in. Yeah I like the rook too, not as much as tragus but I still really like it. OMG yayayayayayayayayyaayyaay! You have to tell me how you like it, what dye ur using etc. And send me pictures. Inbox me after you’re done and I’ll send you my email! I’d absolutely love to see it! I’m excited for you! Inbox me asap! Lots of love xx

  23. nemorock91 says:

    Hey hun!great video,I got my tragus done about 2 months ago and 4 of my friends got it done after me!lol,tragus buds!hahah,im defo thinking about getting my rook,looks really cool.The only annoying thing about my tragus is when i wear my earphones,its a bit fiddley!is it the same with u?im actually in the middle of bleaching my hair now!!eeek,hope i dont end up all orange!!ombre hair I’m coming!!!!!lol x x xx

  24. ThePersianbabe says:

    @MakeupFANATICCC My pleasure 🙂 Honestly if they numb it it shouldn’t hurt too bad, well mine didn’t at all. Thank you i like the little stud too. Really, my belly hurt soooooooooo much! haha I’m a wuss! You probs do have a higher pain threshold! Tell me when you decide to do your tragus. Lots of love, xxx

  25. ThePersianbabe says:

    @roxanneleahross1 🙂 We’re twins! When they get infected they are soooooo painful. You need to figure out if it’s worth the pain. It’s all about your body’s healing process I guess. My rook is okay, it was just sore for ages and it still gets quite red sometimes but I love it. It’s a bit sore today actually. But I love it so much that I’m going to fight through! Tell me what you decide to do though. Re-do it or not. xxxx

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