Body jewelry

I pierced my own tongue

Body jewelry

I had nothing to do at that moment so i wanted to experiment on my tongue….. DONT TRY IT ALONE! Don’t laugh at the headbanging moment please…

25 responses to “I pierced my own tongue”

  1. MiZZMELANiE95 says:

    Let the bodies hit the…

  2. jgemmrig says:

    he looks like foremen fron that 70`S show

  3. ThePrettyAussie says:

    @666MaggotOneLife666 elinas ise <3 ??

  4. SeeFourBand says:

    DANG! that was INTENSE HAHA 😛
    You just walked in, put a hole in your tongue and then the barbell
    and walked off XD
    very nice.
    I couldn’t do that myself, but I give you props.
    It didn’t hurt when I got mine pierced, but again, I sure know I couldn’t pierce it myself.

  5. PeninaPoison says:

    Oh Damn..I Got Wet >.<

  6. kt1997ful says:

    friggin hell, if that was me piercing my own tongue i would take about a hour cause id be cryin! you just got straight on with it woah!

  7. TAYYLORRG says:

    long ass needle

  8. XxSourSagexX says:

    Lol nice shower certains

  9. icpis321 says:

    smaller needle

  10. BabyGurllsAKilla says:

    what did you use to pierce it?

  11. ToasterRehab says:

    If anyone has any questions, or needs advice about body modification, i can answer it on my channel 🙂

  12. greenday01989 says:

    thats hardcore man especially with the pliars

  13. greenday01989 says:

    @hexadecima music was ok, not hardcore enough for me all that pussy metal and screamo, even deathcore is pussy!! go for the hardcore punk

  14. greenday01989 says:

    @hexadecima music was ok, not hardcore enough for me all that pussy metal and screamo, even deathcore is pussy!!

  15. xXxXxLoveless says:

    What kind/size nedle did u use? 🙂

  16. HIMxoxo says:

    dude your a badass 😉 and i like it!

  17. TessaTheRAWR says:

    Faggot did it wrong. Did i mention hes a fag?

  18. XxTonguexX says:

    I can feel the ‘ headbanging moment ‘ thats pretty bad ass u took it like it was nothing, u go hard. you just shoved a needle thro ur body, you can head bang ALL YOU WANT

  19. April1995AB says:

    diddnt that hurt? lol

  20. avengedthesevenfold says:

    Looks like you know what you’re doing. Haha. You must do it every time you’re bored.

  21. SuicideSue21 says:

    Ohh Shit man!
    Youre fucking brave!
    ughh! I could never do that!
    -.- thumbs up for you man!

  22. lilolme2769 says:

    haha he kinda looks like eric forman from that 70’s show 🙂
    next time u do any piercing on ur own, boil the needle and use gloves and if its not an oral piercing use peroxide, and petrolium jelly or neosporin. if its and oral piercing use no alchohol mouth wash. Ladies and gents if you want to do your own stuff below the belt get it professonaly done. theres too much risk of infection and nerve damage

  23. The69HippIe says:

    LMFAO. I love how he was just like “lalalalala” and stuck the needle thru like it was nothing 😀

  24. toniabrother says:

    SOMEONES got a high pain tolerance..

  25. ceciliagr19 says:

    eisai o prwtos ellinas p vlepw st youtube me thema piercings =p
    nice vid, nice music, nice tongue =p

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