Body jewelry

My Tattoos and Piercings!

Body jewelry

This was requested so here you go!

22 responses to “My Tattoos and Piercings!”

  1. missljblack says:

    definitely get your nipples pierced, i assure you they don’t hurt anywhere near as much as what your ear piercings would! i have my forward helix pierced & fml the pain!!!!!

  2. grpleahy says:

    Looking fantastic, great piercings and tattoos. Good luck with the ones you plan to get.

  3. joeymatanoob says:

    @ILoveYouLessThanPunk here do not have many punks, but I guess I should have to end the neo-Nazis (damn city of German colonization)

  4. joeymatanoob says:

    @ILoveYouLessThanPunk you’re so lovely <3 I love the English culture, the English rock, good English food (for my birthday I made fish and chips (which I think is served at the bars in england), and learned to like when I saw first film this is england, shane meadows, and saw also the site of dr martens (since I'm looking for a pair in every store I go), and has enjoyed punkrock since my 10 years (my cousin was punk), but in my town has many punks

  5. joeymatanoob says:

    @ILoveYouLessThanPunk I have not done here in Brazil is doing a hot flash, and I only have 50 real (Brazilian currency), and tattoo I think it’s a 100 but I’ll still do (I can not show you because I have no camera)

  6. ILoveYouLessThanPunk says:

    @joeymatanoob How did it go?

  7. ILoveYouLessThanPunk says:

    @ejcake No no, I wuv CHU.

  8. ILoveYouLessThanPunk says:

    @CityStreetShoes Thankyou!

  9. ILoveYouLessThanPunk says:

    @MuffinVegas Thanks!

  10. MuffinVegas says:

    Love your accent <3

  11. CityStreetShoes says:

    love the ink!

  12. ejcake says:

    You’re so cute in this video ^_^ I wuv chu Daisy!

  13. ILoveYouLessThanPunk says:

    @borderlinesunshine Oh I’ve seen some incredible ones! I guess I just can’t justify spending that much money on something that essentially doesn’t impact on my life that much. At least at this age.

  14. borderlinesunshine says:

    Hey Daisy, it’s Anthea. Regarding breast implants, my teacher at uni had implants, and hers looked so real. She spent like half an hour talking about them. She just wanted to just be a little bigger, she went from (what I remember) an A to a C. Or maybe a B. But it looked really natural and she was very comfortable with it. So I guess if you want implants GO NUTS MY DARLING 😀

  15. ILoveYouLessThanPunk says:

    @saosinic00 Exactly the same way as any other person does.

  16. saosinic00 says:

    how do you wear headphones/earbuds, or do you just not?

  17. joeymatanoob says:

    @ILoveYouLessThanPunk Piercing is only one ring, equal to the blood elves in World of Warcraft

  18. joeymatanoob says:

    @ILoveYouLessThanPunk lol i’m gonna make in more or less at 3 pm today the tattoo on right arm and piercing on left ear

  19. ILoveYouLessThanPunk says:

    @joeymatanoob Depending on whereabouts on your arm you are getting it, arm isn’t so bad. You should be able to deal with it, it just feels like scratching and then it’s very sore after a while, but it’s not unbearable. Where in the ear are you getting done? I’ll be able to tell you what the pain’s like from that!

  20. joeymatanoob says:

    I saw that you have a lot of tattoos and piercings and I thought all very beautiful and wanted to know what pain will be equivalent to the pain of a tattoo and a piercing? (hopefully I’ll get a tattoo on Arm and put a piercing in the ear today)

  21. morphinekitty22 says:

    I would definetly reccomend going with the dermals!

  22. morphinekitty22 says:

    I would definetly reccomend going with the dermals!

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