Body jewelry

Fallout New Vegas: Finding and killing the Deathclaw Mother on very hard difficulty

Body jewelry

Shows how to find and kill the Deathclaw Mother on very hard. I used the sniper rifle with a silencer and armor piercing rounds. Along with the Anti-material rifle with armor piercing rounds. My companions where Boone and ED-E. I was at level 24 when I did this, probably a bit higher then I needed to be to complete it.

25 responses to “Fallout New Vegas: Finding and killing the Deathclaw Mother on very hard difficulty”

  1. slippedwheat says:

    @theglowingone1 ncr outpost

  2. jiggerjacker156 says:

    he’s comign for you LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO0LO0OLOL

  3. razzereful says:

    get veronica because she took out the mother deathclaw with one hit

  4. 2BCBattlefield says:

    what a bloody mess 😛

  5. TheNeutralizor says:

    @aa130552 Comment FAIL!

  6. GPWfiles says:

    bloody mess perk 😉

  7. jackcompean says:


  8. FenixBrother says:

    Do you have a mod on because the game seems a bit brighter than it should be?

  9. McCmillian says:

    @OrdinaryRamen Eh… he’s a troll who just likes to say fail to get attention.

  10. tudorlengher says:

    this or fallout 3???

  11. KeybladeKorney says:

    @OrdinaryRamen Theres a hideout from the brotherhood somewhere where a man repairs everything till 100%

  12. JmotherfuckingP says:

    using AP bullets on things that dont have armor wont do much damage ): which doesnt make sense aha but i looked it up

  13. m4lrox says:

    nice job , but if u wanna take on stuff with the sniper most likely u do a sniper build , if u are a normal build as in u can use every weapon i recommend you snipe him 2 times then change to a different gun

  14. ApeloFellow says:

    this make my hunt look so noobie

  15. poestal2011 says:

    that death claw bull head would look great in lucky 38 house- thats one of the things they should have modded… any rare creature that you kill you get a rare artifact from thier corpses

  16. arcticfox543 says:

    @OrdinaryRamen Old Lady Gibson is good and Mick and Ralphs but Gibson is more costly to repair

  17. trvbungie says:

    @stompy14 its because he has boone and that helps during the night so you can kill easyer

  18. stompy14 says:

    Why are the Deathclaws glowing red?

  19. fullmetalevil5 says:

    they give u 50 xp for killing the deathclaw mother that sux BTW nice vid

  20. JohnTheWolfBoy says:

    U got skill my friend…

  21. HungoverDwarf says:

    in fallout 3 the deathclaw raped me when there was 1 in one place nevermind 7!

  22. renejgr70 says:

    Ha! I fucking hate that place there was 7 FUCKING DEATHCLAWS!!! anyways i was in god mod

  23. TheMasterAssassin01 says:

    how come you dont have a glove on your pip-boy when on XBOX360 you do?

  24. NoodleTheSlayer says:

    does the silencer effect the damage on the sniper at all?

  25. link1348 says:

    the gobey camping rifle kills enefenetly beter but you have to have 100 lock pick

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